Coheed and Cambria: Rock and Roll Epic

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Editor note . I had the chance to see a recent Coheed and Cambria performance, not only was I amazed by the pure  talent ,I was dumbfounded by the die hard fans that came to the show, some  from Texas drove  to Ohio for this show . That has something to  about the bands drawing power and with that I wanted to give you one ultra fans perspective . Ladies and Gentleman I present Chelsea ,please enjoy .


Coheed and Cambria; where do I even begin?

When I hear Coheed and Cambria, especially the tantalizing tenor vocals of Claudio Sanchez matched with the intense progressive rhythm of their harmonious rock and roll, it brings me back to the the nostalgic days of teenage skateboarding and other shenanigans. Coheed and Cambria has hands down been my favorite band easily since freshman year of high school.
Coheed and Cambria is deeper than music. It’s a story set in a comic and played through melody. A performance art form like no other, it’s a unique science fiction concept you have to experience in both mediums to fully grasp. Coheed and Cambria is a tale of the Amory Wars, Heaven’s Fence, man and machine, human nature, and definitely not for the “faint of heart”.

Most fans I’ve met, including myself, are diehards. I’ve seen tattoos adorn peoples bodies, fans who travel miles and miles to see them play live, and epic record and memorabilia collections. Coheed and Cambria has such a loyal fan base because it’s more than just music. It’s a entire universe, an epic story of love and danger, and the best damn band I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing.


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