NOFX First Ditch Effort Tour: Cleveland Gets Hardcore

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It’s no surprise when I see Fat Mike, the lead singer of NOFX, open a show dancing and singing to Rocky Horror Picture Show’s “Time Warp” song; donning a neon Mohawk and a knee length kilt.

            NOFX is currently on tour across the US with Israeli punk band Useless ID and hardcore band Pears from New Orleans. Thankfully they were able to prove that punk is not dead with a live show at the Cleveland House of Blues. All three bands delivered a solid performance, and rocked harder than any punk band I’ve seen in a while.  a-dsc02071Useless ID instilled some very important messages, from being Anti War to getting drunk. Both of those we can all agree with. I really enjoyed their anti-war song, “How To Dismantle an Atom Bomb”, and if you have ears and like punk rock you should listen to it.
          Pears had a spectacular performance as well. In his opening song, lead singer Zach Quinn crowd surfed across the sea of fans cheering him on. Pears entire performance was very electrifying. Before I even attended the show, I was told by a local punk kid that this band was going to be very good. Pears did not disappoint. This band is the epitome of crazy hardcore punk rock. The mosh pit was pure insanity.a-dsc03009
         NOFX is the headliner of the First Ditch Effort Tour, named after their newest album. Their last album, “Self Entitled“, was released four years ago. I have been listening to NOFX since I was in high school, but I admit I was not prepared for how much of an awesome show they would put on. Fat Mike, the lead singer of NOFX, has a great stage presence and is definitely a dude I can get along with. a-dsc03575He even announced on stage he’s been sober from painkillers for 85 days. That’s a brave thing to tell your fans, and it’s obvious NOFX has a solid and long standing fanbase. I talked with  many punks in the Cleveland House of Blues that night; some from West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, and the far reaches of Ohio. Fans of NOFX drove hours or even took a plane ride just to see them, mosh hard, and sing every word of their lyrics. NOFX has been moshing and rocking against the establishment since 1988, and I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon.a-dsc03397

Written by Chelsea Lovegood -Staff Writer

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