Slayer to be Inducted in Polka Hall Of Fame

This is a parody title however if Tupac can make it in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame why cant Slayer also cross genre’s

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The title of the article was supposed to shock and humor you but it is to draw attention to a serious topic. The idea that diversity should play a part in awards and achievements is ludicrous as is should be on merit only   . I believe that the inclusion of Tupac Shakur  in the 2017 Class of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame was a disservice to other artists and Tupac himself. I enjoyed Tupac as actor but he was not a rock artist that simply  was not his genre.The idea of the Rock Hall including styles leading up to rock and expanding on rock makes perfect sense as a natural development.What makes a rock band or artist an artist  . The ability with a band to create melodies and music that includes guitars , bass and drums and vocals. Does Motown belong in the Rock Hall absolutely as it qualifies from the previous definition. The official  Wikipedia page of Tupac lists him as a rapper and not a rocker .Was Tupac an important artist ? Yes he was and he does deserve honors for his achievements but a rocker he was not so just like Slayer wont be inducted in the Polka Hall of Fame ( which is a real thing  )  and it would not make sense to do so I don’t understand the logic of Tupac in the Rock Hall but that is just one authors opinion.



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