Turbo 30 by Judas Priest -A Music Review

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 photo credit David Kay

This is one re-release I have truly hoped for. This was the album that introduced me to Judas Priest ( yes I was late coming on board  but  I was only 14 at the time) and my older brother was a huge fan already .Lets get a little back story here, every kid brother wanted to emulate his older brother and that included music so when my brother brought home ” Turbo “back in 1986 I was hooked , the look, the sound the anthems , what teenager could not be affected . Well I am happy to say I have been a Judas Priest fan since and was finally able to see them a few times as an adult during The Angel of Retribution tour and the Chosen Ones tour.Besides my friend Tim ‘Ripper ” Owens  briefly being in the band for a while so I have always felt a connection to the band  .Now on to the review  of this three disk release.


The sound quality of the remastered Turbo studio release is without parallel as the bass , drums , guitars and keyboards weave a deep coil into your auditory senses with the first deep notes of record . The entire album is very well done with not any filler material. My favorites being Turbo Lover , Parental Guidance, Private Property and Rock You All Around The World.   The remained two disks contain a full concert from Kemper Arena in Kansas City with all the classic  Judas Priest back catalog .The only complaint I have is not having a live version of Parental Guidance but as powerful as Rob Halford is he is not a timelord and cannot use the Tardis to travel back in time  to add a song to the set-list that was not there . You get 29 songs in this release and more then enough nostalgia to get to put your horns in the air . I have to get this release 5 out of 5 stars as its nearly flawless . The liner notes talk about the band members at the time  ( with many changes since then ) and the story behind the original thought process as the time . The band consisted of Rob Halford on vocals , Glenn Tipton-guitars,KK Downing-Guitars ,Ian Hill -bass and Dave Holland on Drums .

The release comes out February 3, 2017 on Legacy Recordings and for further information please check out    http://judaspriest.com

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