Tesla Thrill Sold Out Hard Rock Rocksino !

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Tesla's Jeff Keith live on stage.
Tesla’s Jeff Keith live on stage.

Northfield, Ohio- The eighties powerhouse Tesla did a one off from their US Tour supporting Def Leppard to delight a sold out crowd at the Hard Rock Rocksino last night . The band has always had drawing power playing on a strong reputation of spectacular live shows and performances and last night was no different . I have been a fan since their heyday  and have seen them on several occasions through out the years but last night but quite honestly the best show I have ever seen of theirs.

Jeff Keith ,Frank Hannon
Jeff Keith ,Frank Hannon

The night started out started out with ” MP3″ one of their newest songs and continued with a plethora of hits including an almost note for note recreation of their ” Five Man Acoustical Jam ” album from years ago .Other songs included ” The Way it Is ” , ” Signs”, ” Paradise ” and ” What You Give ” .

Frank Hannon
Frank Hannon

One of the best received songs was of course ” Love Song ” followed up by ” Little Suzi” and ” Modern Day Cowboy ”

Jeff Keith
Jeff Keith

The band is a solid unit featuring skilled musicians playing well written material.No special effects needed here and no auto tune either , singer Jeff Keith’s vocals are still strong  thirty years later. The current members of the band are,

  • Frank Hannonlead guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboards, backing vocals (1981–1996, 2000–present)
  • Brian Wheat – bass, keyboards, backing vocals (1981–1996, 2000–present)
  • Brian Wheat
    Brian Wheat
  • Jeff Keith – lead vocals (1984–1996, 2000–present)
  • a DSC08503
  • Troy Luccketta – drums, percussion (1984–1996, 2000–present)
  • Dave Rude – guitar, bass, backing vocals (2006–present)

Music industry  talent runs in Jeff’s family as his brother is noted rock photojournalist James Bruner who I have had the fortune occasion to work with from time to time.

Brian Wheat

The chance to see a band with most of their original line up in tact , with the ability to still play the songs with vigor and passion of an upcoming artist is becoming a rare commodity these days. My suggestion if Tesla is coming to a city anywhere near you , run dont walk and get to a show as soon as possible because this band continues to kick major  A**.

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