Rob Zombie Crushes Cleveland’s House of Blues

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Rob Zombie Live on Stage
Rob Zombie Live on Stage

Cleveland ,Ohio – The artist known as Rob Zombie bulldozed his way into Northern Ohio last night and fans came far and wide to see him . This was a bittersweet show for me as in my youth an acquaintance  of mine Phil Buerstatte (1967-2013) used to play drums for White Zombie who I originally met while his was with Last Crack .I was first introduced to Rob Zombie /White Zombie while they were the opening band for the Pantera /Trouble/White Zombie in 1992 and I immediately thought damn these guys rock ! I saw them a year later  with Pantera and Megadeth in 1993 and was again blown away . So to say last nights performance brought back memories is an understatement .

Rob Zombie in Cleveland
Rob Zombie in Cleveland

The crowd was packed to the rafters last night with not an empty seat in the house. In all actuality it was just short of insane the amount of people that turned out for this Wednesday evening show with fans chanting  Z-O-M-B-I-E  in anticipation. The clock struck 9 pm and with a flash and fury Rob Zombie entered the stage and the venue went ballistic and the fans knew every word to every song .The staff at House of Blues outdid themselves with safety and courtesy for the fans.

My favorites on the set were ” Thunder Kiss’65 ” More Human Than Human ” and “Dragula” along with ” Living Dead Girl ”

The band was tight well practiced and talented .The current line up is Rob Zombie , John 5 ,Piggy D and Ginger Fish .John 5 is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen and he literally commanded the stage and that is no small feat when you are sharing it with Rob Zombie .

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