Warped Tour Spotlight-Sick Of It All

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Sick of It All ,Live on stage at Warped Tour
Sick of It All ,Live on stage at Warped Tour

I have to be honest , I have never heard ” Sick Of It All “but I have heard about them . I heard a snipped of a song here and there and maybe a rumor about what a great show I missed over the years but I never saw them . Yes I like punk ,always have, big time fan of hard core acts  like NYC’s ” Pro-Pain “and Chicago’s ” Rights of The Accused ” and even early punk like Adam Ant ( yes he was punk before he  pop/ new romantic style ) .So I was exited to see them perform at Warped Tour this year and early in the day at that !

The band exploded on the stage like a missile going off,   unleashing the pure punk arsenal at their disposal.The energy could cut you like a knife bit instead the ground vibrated your body from the sounds of the bass and drums. Not to be out done the guitar and vocals assaulted your every sense . This was a killer show ! A huge smile went across my face and didnt leave for their entire set .Guitarist Pete Koller was almost always airborne and was a visual spectacle to watch.This is why these guys are legends .

Here is some background about Sick Of It All .

Sick of It All is an American hardcore punk band, formed in 1986[1][2] in Queens, New York.[3][4] The band’s current lineup consists of brothers Lou and Pete Koller on vocals and lead guitar respectively, Craig Setari on bass, and Armand Majidi on drums. Sick of It All is considered to be a major part of the New York hardcore scene,[5] and has sold half a million records worldwide.

Though their 1989 debut album Blood, Sweat and No Tears was a moderate success, Sick of It All did not achieve commercial success until later albums. After the release of their second album Just Look Around in 1992, East West Records saw the band’s potential and signed them in 1993. Sick of It All’s third and major label debut album, Scratch the Surface, was released in 1994 to critical acclaim, and included the singles “Scratch the Surface” and “Step Down” (the video for the latter single would also be featured in the 1995 Beavis and Butt-head episode “Premature Evacuation”). Their 1997 follow-up Built to Last was also highly acclaimed. Despite the success of Built to Last, Sick of It All was dropped from East West and signed to Fat Wreck Chords in 1998, who released the band’s next three albums before being dropped from the label in 2005, when they signed to Abacus Records, a subsidiary of Century Media. This label released their eighth studio album Death to Tyrants in 2006 to positive reviews (Abacus eventually went out of business, though Sick of It All would remain on Century Media, which released the band’s next three albums). Sick of It All’s latest album, The Last Act of Defiance, was released on September 30, 2014.

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