Dee Snider Thrills Cleveland Crowd !

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Dee Snider on stage
Dee Snider on stage

Northfield, Ohio – The man, the myth, the legend ? Damn right he is .I am talking about the legendary rocker who took on the US Congress and won.Dee Snider, the voice of Twisted Sister played the Hard Rock Rocksino last night with his solo band and rocked the house.

Dee Snider on stage
Dee Snider on stage

Dee is supporting his new release ” We Are The Ones ” and he is combining his classic hits along with his new material at his live shows. In addition, Dee performed covers of Nine Inch Nails ” Head Like A Hole ” , Sound Garden” Outshined “,AC/DC ” Highway To Hell ”

Dee Snider On Stage
Dee Snider On Stage

One of his new songs ” So What ” is dedicated to the folks at Standing Rock , Dee was never one to shy away from politics and current events hence the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame featured him on their ” Louder The Words ” cultural display.

Dee's band live on stage
Dee’s band live on stage

The classic tracks were performed and included ” Were Not Gonna Take It “, ” Burn In Hell ” and ” I Wanna Rock ” which had a standing ovation from the crowd .

Dee's bass player Tayna live on stage
Dee’s bass player Tanya live on stage

Dee’s band did a great job with some very skilled musicians including Tanya O Callaghan on bass, Robbie Angelucci on guitar and  Mike Dupke on drums .

Dee Snider live on stage
Dee Snider live on stage

If you go to see any 80’s rock icon in the coming year make sure you see Dee Snider , you will thank us.

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