John 5 Delights Cleveland’s Beachland Ballroom !

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John 5 on stage at the Beachland BallRoom in Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio – The virtuoso guitarist simply known as John 5 played to a packed crowd at the Beachland Ballroom this weekend . John is considered to be rock royalty with the  pedigree  to match .Playing with artists such as Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and David Lee Roth and basically a who’s who of the music industry .

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John 5 and The Creatures is currently on tour in support of their latest release ” Its Alive ” which is available at most media outlets .

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I saw him play before with Rob Zombie but I was intrigued to see how he  would be  center stage and I can say this is three simple words . ” Does Not Disappoint ”  John and the  band  took the stage like a tornado mixing sound and fury with the delicate balance and melody and  virtuosity.The band played songs ranging from  industrial style metal ,   blue grass and rockabilly to  fresh  interpretations of  classic songs .The re-imaging of ” Enter Sandman ” was  inspiring and I enjoyed it more then the original . A lot of bands use stage sets and makeup up to cover lack of talent and originality however with John 5 he is the exact opposite .The man could walk on an empty stage, pick up a second hand guitar that is missing two strings and still make peoples jaws drop in amazement, he’s that good .

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To learn more about John 5 and all his work check out his official website at