Cleveland Wizard World Comic Con ,Fun for the Whole Family!

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28822152_10155900875517819_856410004_o I had the pleasure of attending Wizard World Comic Con in Cleveland, Ohio this past weekend . It was a spectacular experience with live music, amazing guests, and even light saber combat. The pinnacle of my time there was hugging and getting to meet John Barrowman on stage!



There were plenty of attractions for people all ages, and kids 10 and under are free! Wizard World Comic Con also features a “Kid Zone”, specifically set up so your kiddos can enjoy the con just as much as you do! I talked to Alexzandra, a twelve year old from Lyndhurst , Ohio . Alexzandra said she was most excited for the voice actors she could meet and all the vendors!

Billie Piper on stage
Billie Piper on stage

For all you Doctor Who fans: Ohio Who (a Doctor Who fan club) from Vermillion, Ohio managed to create some backdrops from our favorite Whovian episodes, perfect for a photo op! My friend and also fellow Whovian, Marissa Assumabarty of Mentor, Ohio, made sure she attended Wizard World especially to see John Barrowman, David Tennant, and all of their panels!


Lots of gaming of all types went down. Smash bros, Tekken, and Dragon Ball Z were being played on the provided PCs. In the back room people were playing Magic the Gathering, among other card and board games. For those with tinier tots, puppet shows went on all weekend courtesy of Jester Puppets performing H.E.R.O.s Anti-bullying Puppet Show.


Wizard World Comic Con is amazing because it brings so many people of all ages together, to cosplay and further discover and enjoy their fandom. Fandom has no age limit, and Wizard World is fun for everyone!

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