Live Review – Five Reasons You Must See Daughtry Live !

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Daughtry live on stage .
Daughtry live on stage .

Northfield, Ohio- The seminal rock band Daughtry performed this last week at the Hard Rock Rocksino to a thrilled audience so we decided to list the  five reasons you must see Daughtry live .

Daughtry live on stage .
Daughtry live on stage .

1- The Fans

Daughtry has such a huge fan base that covers all age groups and locales.I met fans that drove from  over four hours away .In addition complete strangers opened up about their love of the band and what the songs mean to them and how they became fans of the band .

Daughtry live on stage .
Daughtry live on stage .

2-The VIP Meet and Great

After talking to fans that spent the extra cost of a meet and greet , they all said it was worth it . The band was gracious to meet them and they felt they made the personal connection with the band and now it made the music that much more special.

Daughtry live on stage .
Daughtry live on stage .

3- The Legacy

The band has been around for about a dozen years with the soon to be released fifth studio album .The history of two number one albums and   successful tours playing in front of millions of fans make this a legacy that cannot be denied.


The songs and the intimacy they project into your soul really soften the hardest heart .It is almost as if the pain and sorrow and joy and love that you have  experienced  in your life ,the band was able to somehow see and turn into hit songs . There is something for everyone , and for some of us  it can  personal .

Daughtry live on stage .
Daughtry live on stage .

5-The Live Show

I saved the best for last for a reason . Daughtry takes you back to when a show was a show , the stage performance, the blistering guitars and the vocals of Chris Daughtry make this the best reason to see them live. The band gives 100% of themselves on stage and you can feel it in the air .The set was  almost  twenty songs including new material such as ” Just Found Heaven ”  , ” Back In Time ” and ” Backbone ” with their hits and select covers thrown in for good measure.The band is a well oiled machine and contrary to what you may think this is not a solo project for namesake Chris Daughtry .This is a band in every sense of the word and one that must be seen.

The current line  up consists of ,

  • Chris Daughtry – lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar (2006–present)
  • Josh Steely – lead guitar, backing vocals (2006–present)
  • Josh Paul – bass guitar, backing vocals (2006–12, 2013–present)
  • Brian Craddock – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2007–present)
  • Elvio Fernandes – keyboards,guitar, backing vocals (2006–present)
  • Brandon Maclin– drums, percussion, backing vocals (2014, 2016–present)

To see more info about the current tour please see the official website at


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  1. Amazing article!!! These are definitely the top reasons why we love Daughtry so much and why many of us have remained loyal fans since the beginning!!

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