Live Review – Five Reasons Summerland Tour is Best Value For Your Money !

This is one not to be missed !

Everclear live on stage
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Cleveland, Ohio – In honor of Art Alexakis bringing both his Summerland Tour and Everclear to town last week ,we decided to list why the Summerland Tour is the best value for your money.

Local H on stage
Local H on stage

Number One-

Nostalgia – The tour brings the best of 1990s’s artists together in a  intimate setting where every ticket is the best seat in the house ( even if you are standing ) Where else can you get top artists playing radio hits and hidden gems for your delight . I honestly have never seen either Local H or Marcy Playground but damn I am glad i was at this show .

Local H on stage
Local H on stage

Number Two-

Value – Three bands, many hits , one low price . To be honest at three times the cost it still would be a great value , they even  kept the band merch at reasonable prices so no over priced $ 75 shirt .  The merch lines were long but well worth it .

Marcy Playground on stage
Marcy Playground on stage

Number  Three –

A Fans Band – Both Local H and Marcy  Playground came out after their sets to meet the fans and pose for pictures and I know  Everclear did meet some the fans before their set as well.  One of the things the bands know is being accessible to the fans is how to keep the fans happy and coming back tour after tour besides I am sure it is nice see familiar faces and new one .

Everclear on stage
Everclear on stage

Number Four-

The Music- It is what started us all  and the most important reason for a show . Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground along with several other hits and not to forget Local H as well .Bound For The Floor was one of my favorite  songs and to get that sound out of a two piece band is beyond imagination .

Number Five –

Art Alexakis -The man behind the music, the ringleader, the MC and all around great guy . The band  Everclear and the music they created really has touched me over the years and Art in particular means a lot to me.  We share a bond over the song ” Father of Mine ” so if a kid from the projects can become a success without a father in the music industry so can a kid from the projects without a father in the media industry so my hats of to Art .

There is a little under a week left on the tour but to see if a date is near you please check out the official website at