Live Review -Faster Pussycat and The Rebirth of Taime Downe !

The one band you better put on your bucket list !

Singer Taime Downe on stage with  Faster  Pussycat
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Cleveland, Ohio- I have seen Faster Pussycat many , many times in my life .  When I was  a kid I used to watch them on MTV and had a special connection with the video for ” House of Pain ” a song about a man abandoning his child and the child growing up without a father. Since then I have gone all over the Midwest to catch their concerts live, some were great and were not so not so great . Like any good rock stars  , they lived the motto sex , drugs and rock n’ roll and their performance at times reflected that .

Faster Pussycat Live On Stage
Faster Pussycat Live On Stage

Well the 1980’s is over and fast forward to 2018  .I can  honestly  say I saw the best version of Faster Pussycat this last tour . The band is a cohesive unit playing to their talents and strengths and sounding like a million bucks . The drinking and partying and smoking is behind them , now exercise and healthy  living and no smoking has made them  a musical force to reckoned with . Throw away any misconceptions you may have and get out there and see them if they are anywhere in your area.

Faster Pussycat live on stage
Faster Pussycat live on stage

The vocal  range and stamina of Taime Downe captivated the   audience and made them cheer over and over .The driving beats of drummer Chad Stewart fueled the audience  so much you actually felt the beats on your chest. The twin guitars of Ace Von Johnson and Xristian Simon created a wall of sound and the bass guitar of Danny Nordahl was the glue they held the unit together.  Like a mighty phoenix raising triumphantly from the ashes  I give you one of the best bands still touring, Faster Pussycat