Live Review – Hair Nation Tour Delivers The Hits !

This is was a night not to be missed !

Cleveland, Ohio – The bands, the sights ,the sounds,  and the  excitement  of the 1980’s came together in a thrilled venue earlier this week . Cleveland’s own House of Blues played host to Sirius XM Hair Nation tour and they could not have picked a better venue. The line up was the perfect cocktail for fun and they brought plenty of it with them.

Enuff Z Nuff on Stage
Enuff Z Nuff on Stage


Enuff Z’ Nuff opened the night with a great mix of new and old songs the new songs off of Diamond Boy were classic Enuff Z’ Nuff such as Diamond Boy and Metalheart  along with such hits at New Thing and Fly High Michelle and Baby Loves You. The band was in top form and didn’t skip a beat . I highly  recommend checking them out !

DSC00375 copy.jpg HN

Up next were the gunslingers of Bullet Boys. Marq Torien is one amazing front man and guitar player , his energy and stamina is better then players a third of his age , yes he is that amazing . The band was tight as usual and Ive seen them on festivals and clubs and this was a great place to see them at, as it is the perfect intimate size venue for the pure fury that is the Bullet Boys . Smooth up In Ya along with several others were the songs and hits they played .Videos and records do not do this band justice , they must be seen live to be appreciated ,I give them an eleven .

Bullet Boys on Stage
Bullet Boys on Stage
Jack Russell's Great White Live On Stage
Jack Russell’s Great White Live On Stage

The headliner was none other then Captain Jack himself .Jack Russell’s Great White ( as if there is another ) played to a thrilled audience  .To be honest its public knowledge  that  Jack has had some health issues but with that being said you would not know it from the amazing front man on stage that night .Spinning and kicking and  singing  the best vocals of the night .The band is amazing with great guitar work from the duel six string demons of Robby Lochner and Tony Cardenas along with a sold bass and drum section . This is one of the true rock stars left . They played all the hits but you should check out the latest’s release ” He Saw it Comin ” by far a top notch act and Jack still rules the airwaves .

Jack Russell's Great White Live On Stage
Jack Russell’s Great White Live On Stage

If any of the bands are anywhere near you in the future I  recommend checking them out it is not something to be missed !


Five Reasons You Must See The Sirius XM Hair Nation Tour !

This is one show not to miss !

Cleveland, Ohio -The Sirius XM Hair Nation Tour arrives  at  Cleveland’s House of Blues  next week and here are the top five reasons you must make it your go to destination Monday night !


1- Nostalgia- Admit  it ,you hate getting old. The bills, the jobs , the responsibilities , it makes you long for the days of youth and no responsibility when music was king and world was your oyster. You can relive that, even if its just for a few hours with friends and perfect strangers  who you have shared history of music and times.

2- The Line Up –  It is  literally a who’s who of late 80’s early 90’s music .You can leave the stone wash jeans at home thou but the bands will be bring the hits . I have seen all of the bands before several times and this is one show not to miss .If you want to ” Save Your Love “or  just get freaky and ” Smooth Up In Ya ” or just get  high on a ” New Thing ” this is the night of hits.

Jack Russell's Great White
Jack Russell’s Great White

3- Jack Russell’s Great White – This is one of my favorite artists and not just the classics , his latest album ” He Saw It Coming” it one of the best releases in the last two years and it proves to the  critics Jack can still sing , he can still write and guess what he can rock n roll better then most of the generation out there.

 Bullet Boys performing at the former Ripper Owens Tap House in Akron Ohio
Bullet Boys performing at the former Ripper Owens Tap House in Akron Ohio

4-The Bullet Boys – I have seen Marq Torian  and the band more times then  that I can remember and he  ” ALWAYS ” puts on a killer show . Need awesome  guitar leads , he has them , killer vocals , yep  he has those too, catchy chorus  to  sing along with , he has you covered its like a one stop shop for rock n roll and if your are not a fan you will be once you see him live !

 Chip Z 'Nuff on stage in 2006
Chip Z ‘Nuff on stage in 2006

5- Enuff Z ‘Nuff – The band Rolling Stone listed at the next huge thing ( no one saw grunge coming ) prove why they are still  relevant and kick it with classic hits as ” Flying High Michelle ” and ” New Thing ” Chip and the boys put out a new release recently and even thou I have yet to hear it I hope they have copies at the show !

The show is Oct 22 at Cleveland House of Blues and it is one show you can miss , for further information check out the official website at

Retro Vinyl Review- Rick Wakeman – Journey To The Center of The Earth

To be honest I am new to the world of vinyl, I didn’t own a record player when they were in style . I would go to the record store and look at the beautiful records with their amazing graphics and pictures and pick up a cassette version of the release . They were small and the art work was lost in translation to the medium but I always admired records . With that in mind I had starting to buy records in the last few years albeit with out a way to play them . I broke down and bought my first turn table last week and have been turning vinyl  every day since then .

I grew up in the 80s so I was a big British invasion MTV , hair metal kind of guy so I never knew the magic and wonder of the 70’s music scene . Recently I had the chance to watch  and listen to the music of YES featuring Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman and was immediately blown away . I was hooked instantly .While perusing my local record store I came upon an early release of Rick Wakeman . I had to buy it and listen to it and   I am  glad I did .

 Rick Wakeman performing with YES in 2018
Rick Wakeman performing with YES in 2018

Rick Wakeman -Journey To The Center of The Earth is a musical adventure thru time and history , to the land of wonder and adventure .The album tells the tale of Professor Lidenbrook and his adventures with his nephew Axel to the center of the earth and the the wonders and dangers that follow . The albulm is inspired and based off the the Jules Verne classic of the same name . The music is chilling and powerful and  was recorded live with the London Symphony  Orchestra and   The English Chamber Choir . This was long before the days of computers and sampling . Rick and the rest of the musicians had to get it right and know their  craft and the talent shows in the recording . This was done in  1974 and yet is is not dated as it is timeless as the music of Grieg for whom Rick borrowed a few bars from him .

I highly recommend this is you are a fan of fantasy , classic music or the music of YES .You will not be disappointed and to Rick thanks for putting out such a stellar piece of music .

Former Panic! At The Disco’s Dallon Weekes + Debut EP, Video

Former Panic! At The Disco’s Dallon Weekes Debuts Project’s 

Band To Tour North America This Fall

LOS ANGELES, CA – (October 12, 2018) — Dallon Weekes, the former Panic! At The Disco bassist, and drummer Ryan Seaman will see 1981 Extended Play, the debut release from their once  and future band, I Dont Know How But They Found Me (iDKHOW), in-stores on November 9 (Fearless Records).  The EP’s six-tracks were produced, written or co-written by Weekes, and recorded at various locations in Utah and California.   Sonically, the songs are from a time when fashions were loud, melodies were infectious and iconoclastic pop trailblazers broke through commercialy without compromising artistically.  Pre-orders for the EP can be placed HERE.
Recently re-discovered, the music video for one of the EP’s tracks, “Do It All The Time,” is making its debut and can be seen HERE   This footage was first thought to be a conceptual art piece produced by the band before making music videos had become standard music industry practice. While the exact date and circumstances under which it was produced are unclear, the anonymous donor of the footage claims that it had been screened to students for nearly twenty years as part of the public school curriculum, until its use was discontinued in 1984.
Weekes has plenty of experience with the potential for a great song to move crowds.  As bassist/backing vocalist for Panic! At The Disco from 2009 – 2017, Weekes co-wrote the band’s massive hits “This is Gospel” and “Girls/Girls/Boys,” and is credited on nearly all of the songs that comprise the album Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!.
Said the band, “The hard working people at iDKHOW are pleased to align with Fearless to unearth and uncover the rare and forgotten recordngs of I Dont Know How But They Found Me.  We look forward to rediscovering this long-forgotten music together and giving iDKHOW a second chance.   For the first time.”
A lyric video for “Do It All The Time” debuted late last month and to date, has accumulated 821K Spotify streams and 900K YouTube views.
iDKHOW will set out on the road this fall as main support for Waterparks.  The 23-city U.S. tour starts on November 2 at the Kelsey Theatre in Lake Park, FL, and will also feature Nick Gray and Super Whatevr.  Tickets are on sale now – go to for all purchasing information.
 2   The Kelsey Theater, Lake Park, FL
 3   The Abbey, Orlando, FL
 4   The Senate, Columbia, SC
 6   Arizona Pete’s, Greensboro, NC
 7   The Broadberry, Richmond, VA
 9   Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA
10  Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ
11  Webster Underground, Hartford, CT
12  Anthology, Rochester, NY
14  Mr. Smalls Theatre, Millvale, PA
15  Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH
16  The Castle Theatre, Bloomington, IL
17  Blue Moose Tap House, Iowa City, IA
19  The Waiting Room Lounge, Omaha, NE
20  The Oriental Theater, Denver, CO
21  Mesa Theater, Grand Junction, CO
23  The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT
24  Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor, Reno, NV
25  Ace of Spades, Sacramento, CA
27  The Glass House, Pomona, CA
28  191 Toole, Tucson, AZ
30  Alamo City Music Hall & Club, San Antonio, TX
 1   Warehouse Live, Houston, TX
I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME – Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman – is a musical entity with a conceptual backstory.  The name, a key to their remarkable odyssey, is taken from a piece of dialogue from the 80s classic film “Back To The Future.” They are a lost act from the late 70s early 80s that never quite made it, but their rare and long-forgotten music has recently been unearthed thanks to today’s technological resources.  Weekes and Seaman are just starting to resurrect the songs and innovative spirit of iDKHOW for a new generation starved for creative risk taking and unbound joy.
I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME is getting a second chance.  For the first time.


OCTOBER 12, 2018 LOS ANGELES, CA – Punk rock artist and women’s empowerment activist, Shiragirl, has premiered the official video for the remix of “Girls Just Wanna Get Sum” featuring Bronx-based rapper Mala Reignz. Watch exclusively via The Women’s International Network of Music (The WiMN). “This song is a meant to be a modern tribute to a classic feminist anthem, with lyrical nods to icons from the Go Gos to Joan Jett,” Shiragirl explains. “Musically the original track was 80s/new wave influenced, so we had the idea to bring on Bronx rap queen Mala Reignz and give it a contemporary urban remix.” The song, which originally appeared on Shiragirl’s latest EP Brooklyn Goes Hollywood, was produced by Tim Armstrong (Rancid, The Transplants, Pink, The Interrupters) and John King (Beastie Boys, Beck, Dust Brothers), mixed by John Morrical, and mastered by Paul Dugre. SVMG Pictures shot the corresponding video spontaneously one night in New York, as Shiragirl recalls, “They really captured the fun essence and female camaraderie of the tune. Not pictured: getting kicked out of the arcade for shooting. Luckily we got all the shots in first. Game over!”
In honor of Breast Cancer Prevention Month, Shiragirl is working with Pacifica Beauty and Keep A Breast to run a Facebook giveaway promotion for the remix video. Shiragirl details, “We will be giving away Pacifica’s pink collection, all vegan and cruelty-free, as well as a Keep A Breast swag bag.” Stay tuned to Shiragirl’s Facebook page for details on how to win: more information on Shiragirl, please visit:
With deep roots on the East Coast, this “Punk Rock Madonna” first splashed onto the scene after crashing the Vans Warped Tour. As the legend goes, a young, determined Shira showed up in her iconic pink RV, created her own stage and performed atop it with her band. After receiving a rousing crowd response, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman invited Shira to return the following summer to host an official Shiragirl Stage. The stage went on to host over 200 female-fronted bands, many making their Warped debuts, including Paramore on their first ever tour, and the legendary Joan Jett. This year, the Shiragirl Stage returned to the 2018 Vans Warped Tour for select dates, including Pomona, San Diego, Ventura and Holmdel, and hosted artists such as Blameshift, Shiragirl, Elana J, No Small Children, Whitney Peyton, Bridge City Sinners, Turbulent Hearts and Moa, plus new additions Rivals, Vanessa Silberman and Babs from Emo Nite (DJ set). Shiragirl also performed on the Full Sail Stage at select Warped Tour dates, including Milwaukee and Indianapolis, and was added to the Transform Stage for Scranton, Mansfield and Wantagh.
With the Shiragirl Stage, Shira accomplished her mission to inspire and empower women, by providing them a platform for creative expression. She also broke into the boys club, and made Punk Rock history. Shiragirl’s story was featured in the book ‘Misfit Summer Camp: 20 Years On The Road With The Vans Warped Tour’. She received an MTV Warpie Award, and a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Warped Tour Time Capsule Exhibit as well.
Shiragirl went on to rock stages across North America, including support slots for Rancid, NOFX, and Juliette Lewis. In 2017, Shiragirl shot a music video for her single “RESIST” at the Women’s March, and was invited back to play the 2018 Women’s March. Shiragirl may travel far and wide, but her soul will always be Forever Warped.
For more information, please visit:

Live Review-Bullet For My Valentine Prove Why They Are Still On Top !

One of those bands that must be seen live to get the full experience !

Cleveland, Ohio – The UK invasion of Bullet For My Valentine played Cleveland last week and they came prepared to rock !  The near capacity House of Blues played host to the thrilled crowd,The best part of this bands music it actually crosses age , gender and race gaps . I saw fans as old as sixty , young at 10 , male & female and every  race under the sun .The music speaks to the current generation of music listeners with a  powerful message.We are all human and have hopes ,dreams , desires,anger and frustration.

Bullet For Valentine live on stage !
Bullet For Valentine live on stage !

The band is currently on tour to support it latest release ” Gravity ” playing intimate venues such as House of Blues and large festivals. Some of the tracks played were ” Don’t Need You ” ,” Over it ” ,” The Last Fight ” and many many more . The support acts for this tour where ” We Came As Romans ” who are still mourning the passing of their singer Kyle Pavone and Bad Omens who put on a great show.

Bullet For Valentine live on stage !
Bullet For Valentine live on stage !

We highly recommend seeing  Bullet For My Valentine if they are playing a venue anywhere in your state as it will not disappoint .

Bullet For Valentine live on stage !
Bullet For Valentine live on stage !

The band is

  • Matthew “Matt” Tuck – lead vocals, rhythm/lead guitar (1998–present)
  • Michael “Padge” Paget – lead guitar, backing vocals (1998–present)
  • Jamie Mathias – bass guitar, vocals (2015–present)
  • Jason Bowld – drums, percussion (2017–present; touring member 2016–2017)

Enuff Z’Nuff Set To Rock House of Blues Oct 22!

SiriusXM Presents the Hair Nation Tour with Jack Russell’s Great White, BulletBoys and Enuff Z’Nuff, hosted by Eddie Trunk

Cleveland , Ohio – Get ready to rock the new thing as one of the best rock bands  of the 1990’s comes back to Cleveland on October 22  as part of Sirius XM Hair Nation Tour . They will be playing the stage with some of my favorite artists of all time , Jack Russell’s Great White and The Bullet Boys . ( See previous Jack Russell’s Great White live and new album review in our search engine ) .

I first saw Enuff Z’ Nuff in 1993 while on a headlining tour with then label mates Noisy Mama and again in 2006 at an appearance in Cleveland’s, historic  Peabodys .I can honestly say this band does not disappoint and this a night that will be remembered.


The band is currently  supporting   a new release called ” Diamond Boy ” with the video available on YouTube .The current line up is Chip Z Nuff on vocals and bass guitar , Tony Fennell on guitars ,Tory Stoffregen on guitars and Dan Hill on drums . You can find all of the bands tour information on their official website at