Retro Vinyl Review- Rick Wakeman – Journey To The Center of The Earth

Rick Wakeman Journey to The Center Of The Earth
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To be honest I am new to the world of vinyl, I didn’t own a record player when they were in style . I would go to the record store and look at the beautiful records with their amazing graphics and pictures and pick up a cassette version of the release . They were small and the art work was lost in translation to the medium but I always admired records . With that in mind I had starting to buy records in the last few years albeit with out a way to play them . I broke down and bought my first turn table last week and have been turning vinyl  every day since then .

I grew up in the 80s so I was a big British invasion MTV , hair metal kind of guy so I never knew the magic and wonder of the 70’s music scene . Recently I had the chance to watch  and listen to the music of YES featuring Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman and was immediately blown away . I was hooked instantly .While perusing my local record store I came upon an early release of Rick Wakeman . I had to buy it and listen to it and   I am  glad I did .

 Rick Wakeman performing with YES in 2018
Rick Wakeman performing with YES in 2018

Rick Wakeman -Journey To The Center of The Earth is a musical adventure thru time and history , to the land of wonder and adventure .The album tells the tale of Professor Lidenbrook and his adventures with his nephew Axel to the center of the earth and the the wonders and dangers that follow . The albulm is inspired and based off the the Jules Verne classic of the same name . The music is chilling and powerful and  was recorded live with the London Symphony  Orchestra and   The English Chamber Choir . This was long before the days of computers and sampling . Rick and the rest of the musicians had to get it right and know their  craft and the talent shows in the recording . This was done in  1974 and yet is is not dated as it is timeless as the music of Grieg for whom Rick borrowed a few bars from him .

I highly recommend this is you are a fan of fantasy , classic music or the music of YES .You will not be disappointed and to Rick thanks for putting out such a stellar piece of music .