Live Review – Ministry Returns To Cleveland Agora

One band you must see at least once in your life !

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Cleveland, Ohio – The recently revamped historic Cleveland Agora played host to Uncle Al and Ministry last week the the delight and exuberance of fans. To be honest I am a recent fan  ,in my era of  80’s Metallica and  Savatage  heavy metal ,Ministry where not even in the same genre  as thought by 15 year me . I didn’t understand industrial or electric music  but that all changed when I got a book in the mail . One day I received the autobiography of  Al Jourgensen to review and my mind was blown away . The book was amazing, it as insightful, thoughtful and raw . I then had the chance to do a phone call with Al and got to the know the person behind the book and most importantly the music . Hence I now am a fan and will not miss a show if he is in the area or even somewhat a few hours away . I   met a girl and her father who I would say are super fans . Her name is Mountain she is 14  years old and has only seen one artist play live multiple times even with a three hour drive each way  . Uncle Al and Ministry is how she and her father connect and he was headbanging right beside her in front row !

 Mountain  with her Dad a Ministry family
Mountain with her Dad a Ministry family

The stage was rather bare compared to the last time I saw Ministry but that did not matter as I was here for the music and the show and what a show it was . Al and the boys hit the stage with an energy of new band, not a band that have done this for decades , this amp goes to eleven .

Ministry Live on Stage
Ministry Live on Stage

This tour  is a duel celebration of of the The 30th Anniversary Of “The Land Of Rape And Honey” and of the current release “AmeriKKKant” playing a lot of tracks from both landmark albums.

Ministry Live on Stage
Ministry Live on Stage
Ministry Live on Stage
Ministry Live on Stage

Some of the songs played that night were , Twilight Zone, Victims of a Clown ,We’re Tired of It, Wargasm , Antifa ,Game Over, AmeriKKKa ,The Land of Rape and Honey The Missing Deity and more .

Ministry Live on Stage
Ministry Live on Stage

The band was tight and solid and Al on guitar was great to see . The current line up is .

Al Jourgensen – vocals
Sin Quirin – guitar
Tony Campus – bass
Cesar Soto – guitar
John Bechdel – keys
Derek Abrams – drums

To learn more about the band please see the official website at



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