Live Review- Collective Soul Returns

They are not to be missed !

collective soul on stage
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Northfield, Ohio – The newly renamed  MGM Northfield Park played host to one of the best bands to emerge from the 1990’s this last week , Collective Soul.  I was fortunate to be around at the start of their career when they performed at Buzzard- Palooza in July 1994 along with Moist , Junk House and Green Day. Well sorta Green Day I saw their equipment on stage but a riot broke out and that ended the show .I still have yet to see Green Day perform live . Collective Soul performed and exciting set and gave a sampling of why they would be a band to admired  for years to come.

collective soul
collective soul

Fast forward  to 2019 and we are  no longer in our twenties and the little band that could went out and proved they did and not only that, they outlasted many of  their peers and  are still as exciting as ever .The songs, the history, the pure love of music and performing comes thru in every melody and note . Ladies and gentleman Collective Soul is in the house .

Unlike some artists who save the hits for the last part of the show Collective Soul came out with both guitars a blazing and immediately hit the stage with a sound and fury not reserved for the faint of heart .

collective soul
collective soul

Tracks such as ” Observation  of Thoughts ” ” Heavy “and ” Why Pt2 ”  got the crowd on their feet and didn’t let up .

The mega-hit  “Shine ” brought me back to my youth and made me feel energized albeit with out the long hair .

Never one to  rest on their past accomplishments the band is releasing the  a  tenth studio album, Blood, and  is scheduled to be released on June 21, 2019.

collective soul
collective soul

The band is E Roland (vocals / keyboards / guitar), Dean Roland (rhythm guitar), Will Turpin (bass), Jesse Triplett (lead guitar), Johnny Rabb (drums)

We highly recommend checking out a Collective Soul if they are anywhere in your area, They are not to be missed !

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