Famed Comic Book Creator Ted Sikora Launches New Kickstarter Campaign!

Cleveland , Ohio – The man behind the magic Ted Sikora is at it again this time with a new project and campaign .


A heavyweight boxer turned super-powered, clown-assassin steps into the ring to fight for his very soul!

Drayton Hayes was a heavyweight boxer who was a number one contender for the belt when his career was abruptly sabotaged. He hit skid row, but was starting to make a comeback when he was kidnapped by a bizarre troupe of scoundrels calling themselves the Vaude-Villains. The mysterious mobsters convinced Drayton to join them, and he underwent a transformation which turned him into a super-powered murderous clown named Punchline!  The character was an instant fan-favorite after his debut in issue #1 of Tap Dance Killer (April of 2018.) 

Punchline is about to meet the main superhero from our universe, Apama, for the ultimate throwdown. Then we’re introducing a new nemesis from beyond the grave that will dual Punchline to the death for his very soul. 

Punchline and the Vaude-Villains is a series that turns on a dime from horror to comedy, and from the super-heroic to the dark and supernatural. No knowledge of previous stories is required to enjoy this series. (Although there are rewards that bundle all of our previous stories.)

  • Survey will give you option to have them signed or not.
  • This collector’s edition is only offered through Kickstarter. 
  • 48 pages, full color, glossy paper.
  • Main cover by series artist Donny Hadiwidjaja 
  • Variant cover by David Abrevaya 
  • Planned as a five issue series
  • Collector’s edition extras include layouts, pencils & script pages

To learn more about it and to be part of comic history check out the official link.https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/herotomorrow/punchline-and-the-vaude-villains-issue-1