Spotlight Release -RICHRATH PROJECT 3:13-L.A is Mine

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This pleasant surprise came across our email earlier this week and to be honest I was clueless to what I was listing to . I was tired and hot and did not feel like reading the email information and I figured I would listen to an advance copy with a coffee and then write up some pretty words to make myself seem interesting .

I was wrong and then I found out why , damn can karma teach an old dog new tricks . What I had here was some of the last hidden recordings of Gary Ricrath ( the guy behind REO Speedwagon amazing guitar work )I sat in my office with my earphones on as the music played ( still oblivious ) and stupidly said this to myself ” great another band trying to rip off the classic sounds of the 70’s and 80’s ” Little did I know that Gary Ricrath was a major creator to those sounds and I was listing to him playing .Once I got done with the release I opened up the emails and files and dug in for more info and here is what I found !

RICHRATH PROJECT 3:13, takes you back to the beginnings of REO SPEEDWAGON, and tells the story of GARY RICHRATH via his music up to his passing and beyond – over the course of a two hour performance including a multimedia show that documents Gary and Michael’s history. The show also includes some of Michael’s awesome new original songs performed by the newest version of Richrath Project 3:13 with a group of very talented musicians, including Dennis Pockets on lead guitar, Scott Weber on keyboards, Doug Janssen on bass and Andy Crownover on drums.

Michael: “We are anxious for our fans to hear the original tunes I have written. Just like Gary had taught me all those years ago, I tried to write songs about things that mean something to me, and I believe that comes through in all the lyrics of the new songs. We feel they turned out just dynamite. We’re looking forward to seeing the reaction to our first music video as well. As far as the future, we already have songs for the second Richrath Project 3:13 album, plan on touring the country like crazy and entertaining our fans for years to come!”

‘L.A. Is Mine’ Tracklisting

1. Never Give Up (Jahnz)
2. Help Me Save Me from Myself (Richrath/ Jahnz) 3. Heard It on the Radio (Pockets/ Jahnz)
4. L.A. Is Mine (Richrath/ Jahnz)
5. Shoot One for Free (Jahnz)
6. Son of a Poor Man (Richrath)
7. Let Me Love Again (Jahnz)
8. These Nights (Richrath/ Jahnz)
9. Tears of My Pain (Jahnz)
10. Ridin’ the Storm Out (Richrath)

These Nights and Let Me Love Again and L.A. Is Mine are some of my new favorite songs , but in all honestly they are all great and bring you back to a time with melody and harmonies were important in songs . Great job Michael Jahnz .The live band consists of Dennis Pockets on lead guitar, Scott Weber on keyboards, Doug Janssen on bass and Andy Crownover on drums.

To hear one of the tracks check out the official video at

Confirmed Tour dates are as follows

7/30  Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin   The Door County Fair with Head East

8/27  Franklin, OH           JD Legends

8/29  Westland, MI                                        The Token Lounge

9/4  Rosholt, Wisconsin                               Portage County Fair

10/23  Des Plaines, IL                                     Des Plaines Theater

To learn all about the band and the release on Aug 6 check out the offical website at

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