Dr. Ravi Singh Delights Crowd at Crypto Connect Expo!

West Palm Beach, Florida-The future of the crypto currency met this past weekend in West Palm Beach at the Palm Beach Convention Center and it was a learning experience for all those in attendance.

NFT Kids Magazine showing that you are never to young to learn !

The main topic during the conference was both the future of crypto currency and the emergence of NFT’s ( A non-fungible token is a record on a blockchain which is associated with a particular digital or physical asset. The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain, and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and traded .)

Digital Dolphin showcasing we can help out aquatic friends thru NFT’s
BitBasel showing that tradition arts have a place in the NFT /Crypto world .

NFT’s can now be created by companies, individuals,organizations , content creators and artists and be bought and sold in the digital age .

Legion showcasing the mix of tangible items such as watches can be mixed with NFT’s
The company XCLSV are there to help guide Onlyfans creators in utilizing NFT’s to their advantage

The many variations were on display this past weekend and included everything from NFT’s by kids, environmental and animal welfare groups, all aspects of arts including traditional artists such as oil paintings, multi media , acting ,products such as watches and even a company that help OnlyFans creators work with NFT’s for their audience as well .

Dr Ravi Singh and his #socialpayme team showcasing the technology

The stand out company was #socialpayme at the event , whose goal and purpose is work with influencers and instruct them how each and everyone one of their social media posts can be converted into assets to be used for a revenue stream including the use of NFT’s . This breakthrough and was led by MIT graduate Dr. Ravi Singh PHD whose speech on the subject was jaw dropping to the attendees and had a crowd around his booth all weekend .To learn more please see the website http://www.socialpayme.co

Andrea Ocamo and her husband showcasing their Goddess Of The Elements NFT docuseries
Andrea is a former WWE ring announcer as well as actress and entrepreneur

What did I take away from this weekend ? I need to get up to date on emerging technology before I become a dinosaur and extinct as the landscape of finances are now emerged in with the arts like never before!

The ROCK LA CAUZE 2022 festival review ft Billy Talent/Rise Against/The Used

The Rock la Cauze festival in Victoriaville, Quebec returned in full force on Aug 11-13, 2022 after a 2-year pandemic hiatus. A social economy project, the purpose of the festival is to raise money for local charities. Themed as a punk rock festival, the schedule of performers featured an array of musical genres, centered around the main headliners: Billy Talent, Rise Against and The Used. Other noteworthy performers included The Lazy’s from Australia, Face to Face & Senses Fail from the USA.

Billy Talent
Tagada Jones
Senses Fail

The festival schedule was split into different music genres. Day one of the festival featured local French punk bands such as Exterio, Irish Moutarde & Bob Gorgée – leaving the crowd attracting headliners for the weekend.
The second day of the festival opened up with the Lazy’s. Featuring a trademark style sound, they played their Australian hits ranging from “Little Miss Crazy” to “Half Mast Blues”, with a tribute to AC/DC (their Australian brethren) “If you want Blood” before closing with their biggest hit “Nothing but Trouble”. The next band, Tagada Jones, was a French Punk Band with huge success In France. They were effective in setting up for Friday’s headliner, Billy Talent. From Toronto and born in Montreal, Billy Talent has a long history of love in Quebec. Playing his full setlist, Billy laughed as he defined moshing as “Pushing and Shoving” – which only incited the crowd to mosh more. His set subsequently ending with the crowd in a giant mosh pit for Viking Death March, though Fallen Leaves also created a huge pit as well. And thus ended the second day.
The third day of the festival had an emo music genre feel. It really began with Senses Fail, a band from New Jersey. Emo music in genre, their performance was similar to other bands such as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or Taking Back Sunday. As it was mid afternoon, they were effective in getting the crowd, who were just arriving, warmed up for the next act, Face to Face. Playing what turned out to be the strongest set of the night, these “old guys playing old songs” to quote lead singer Trever Keith, wasted little time with talk and played their catalogue from start to finish.

The Used
The Lazy s

Which could not be said for the next band, The Used. The lowest point of the night, although the band played great, lead singer Bert McCracken’s constant talk and choice to quote Shakespearean soliloquies to a predominantly French speaking audience deflated a lot of the crowd’s energy and limited the band to a short setlist. Fortunately, the next band Rise Against, who also has no shortage of love in Quebec, saved the evening with another strong headlining performance. “We have been a band for over 20 years” to quote lead singer Tim McIlrath, and is showed as they clearly had experience with the crowd as Tim would speak in his best French and talk about Rise Against’s history in Quebec. They played their catalogue of hits with the notable addition of :Hero of War” this set and the omission of “Help is On The Way” before closing with “Survive” and “Savior”. It was a great show to conclude a great 2022 festival.