Live Review- YES Featuring Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman -A Night of Magic

The Definitive Line Up Not to Be Missed !

Northfield  ,Ohio -The sold out Hard Rock Live played host to one of the most popular and best concerts of the fall , yes we are in fall and inclement   rainy weather did nothing to deter the fans from this night of musical wonder . The recently reformed version of  YES  featuring Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman were the attraction and the sold out audience could not have been happier .

Yes on stage
Yes on stage

I worked a few years ago with the Howe, Squire version so I was extremely excited to finally see this incarnation of the band. The version that recorded one of my favorite songs   ” Owner of a Lonely Heart ” and truth be told they did not disappoint one little bit .

Yes on stage
Yes on stage

The night started with ” Cinema ” and continued for the next hour and half . Some of the tracts they played were ” Hold On ” and ” Ive Seen All Good People ” and ”   Rhythm of Love  ” just to name a few . During ” Owner of Lonely Heart ” both Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman came down the aisles to shake hands and greet the fans in an up close and personal way. By pure luck and circumstance I ended meeting Rabins very gracious wife who I asked to deliver a message . Please tell her husband how much I love his film scores and ” Con Air ” is one of my favorite albums of his. Rick Wakeman commanded the stage like a wizard behind a sea of keyboards and vocalist extraordinaire Jon Anderson provided impressive vocals , harp skills and some nice  rhythm  guitar   along with command of the stage .

Yes on stage
Yes on stage

The song that broke thru and made YES who they are today was ” Roundabout ” . The song takes me back when I was a kid and watched my older brother teach himself the entire song on a twelve string acoustical guitar . The band did an outstanding version to the standing room only crowd as not a person was in their seats for this one .

Yes on stage
Yes on stage

if you are a fan of either progressive rock , or amazing songs in general please get out and see this band . To keep up with all things Yes featuring ARW please see the official website at

Yes on stage
Yes on stage


Live Review – Helen Welch Brings The Magic of The Carpenters To The Midwest !

Don’t miss out , this is a show you must see !

Lakeside Chautauqua, Ohio- The British musical phenom known as Helen Welch recently brought her new  stage show ” Superstar ” to the shores of Lake Erie  .The city of Lakeside Chautauqua hosted the singer and her band at their historical  amphitheater and  to be honest I felt like I was in Las Vegas right here in Ohio .

photos courtesy Helen Welch/DKP
photos courtesy Helen Welch/DKP

“Superstar ” showcases the music legacy of ” The Carpenters” with the approval of  Richard Carpenter himself.  The Grammy nominated singer outdid herself in her rendition of the classic hits . In addition ,the in depth stories behind the music made it feel like Helen knew her and was telling  the audience  stories about an old friend.

photos courtesy Helen Welch/DKP
photos courtesy Helen Welch/DKP

Some of my favorite songs played that night were   ( They Long To Be ) Close to You  and We’ve Only Just Begun to name just a couple. The hits were too numerous to name but suffice to say the almost two hours went pretty quickly .

photos courtesy Helen Welch/DKP
photos courtesy Helen Welch/DKP

Helen’s band were all accomplished players well beyond there years and were the perfect compliment to her soft soulful voice  .I  highly  recommend  catching a show in the near future as this is the way the songs were supposed to be portrayed, in front a live audience.

photos courtesy Helen Welch/DKP
photos courtesy Helen Welch/DKP

To catch up with all things Helen Welch please visit  her official website at

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Live Review-Dead Daisies Prove Rock N’ Roll Is Still Alive !

Grab your coffee and wake up your ears , your radio playlist just got a bit bigger !

Cleveland, Ohio – The same old story heard over and over in circles  about the music industry, they say rock is dead .They  say nothing new never comes out and they listen to the same old crap playing a million times a day  .You know the stations that play the same 30 songs over and over all day long.Small fact to all program directors AC/DC wrote more then three songs, in fact they have hundreds , so try to open your ears . Case in  point  rock is not  dead it is very much alive . The classic groups still put out new albums as in Styx’s ” The Mission ” and new bands are formed all the time .Get you head out the sand people and time to wake up and smell the coffee because I want to introduce you to a newer  band ( circa 2013 ) and tell you why they will blow your socks off .

The Dead Daisies live on stage
The Dead Daisies live on stage

The band is currently in the midst of their US tour and decided to start it off right here in the rock capital  of Cleveland, Ohio in support of their latest release ” Burn it Down’

The Dead Daisies live on stage
The Dead Daisies live on stage

The vocals of former Motley Crue /The Scream singer John Corabi really set the tone for an intense night of hard rock . The catchy riffs of guitarist David Lowy  fuel the songs along with the lead guitar of former Whitesnake /Dio guitarist Doug Aldrich .The driving thunder of bass was supplied by Marco Mendoza , with too many famous bands to name . Backing these guys up was none other then former Journey drummer Deen Castronovo .

The Dead Daisies live on stage
The Dead Daisies live on stage

The set included some of the best songs ever put to record and some of my favorites were ” Rise Up “, ” Mexico ” and ” Dead and Gone ” .  The did a medley  of some Thin Lizzy , AC/DC and DIO songs to the delight of the crowd .

If you think rock n’ roll is dead then you have never heard The Dead   Daises .To see if they are coming to a town near you please see the official site at

The Dead Daisies live on stage
The Dead Daisies live on stage

Live Review -Faster Pussycat and The Rebirth of Taime Downe !

The one band you better put on your bucket list !

Cleveland, Ohio- I have seen Faster Pussycat many , many times in my life .  When I was  a kid I used to watch them on MTV and had a special connection with the video for ” House of Pain ” a song about a man abandoning his child and the child growing up without a father. Since then I have gone all over the Midwest to catch their concerts live, some were great and were not so not so great . Like any good rock stars  , they lived the motto sex , drugs and rock n’ roll and their performance at times reflected that .

Faster Pussycat Live On Stage
Faster Pussycat Live On Stage

Well the 1980’s is over and fast forward to 2018  .I can  honestly  say I saw the best version of Faster Pussycat this last tour . The band is a cohesive unit playing to their talents and strengths and sounding like a million bucks . The drinking and partying and smoking is behind them , now exercise and healthy  living and no smoking has made them  a musical force to reckoned with . Throw away any misconceptions you may have and get out there and see them if they are anywhere in your area.

Faster Pussycat live on stage
Faster Pussycat live on stage

The vocal  range and stamina of Taime Downe captivated the   audience and made them cheer over and over .The driving beats of drummer Chad Stewart fueled the audience  so much you actually felt the beats on your chest. The twin guitars of Ace Von Johnson and Xristian Simon created a wall of sound and the bass guitar of Danny Nordahl was the glue they held the unit together.  Like a mighty phoenix raising triumphantly from the ashes  I give you one of the best bands still touring, Faster Pussycat

Frank Zummo (Sum 41) + SJC Drums // Loyal to the Craft Tour 8.4 at Rock Hall This Saturday !

Musicians present typical “master classes” all the time, and usually charge some sort of outrageous fee or require advance auditions. This limits who can access the events and also creates a pretty stale cookie cutter formula usually. Drummer Frank Zummo (Sum 41, Street Drum Corps, Krewella) has teamed up with SJC Drums and presenting sponsor VANS to change all of this!! The Loyal to the Craft tour will be traveling to unique venues including Rock N Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday, August 4th for a one of a kind immersive drum experience. I’d love for you to share information about the upcoming tour stop with your audience. If you’re interested in setting up any preview and/or on-site coverage surrounding the tour date, let me know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
What: VANS Presents The Loyal to the Craft Tour featuring Frank Zummo (Sum 41) and SJC Drums
When: Saturday, August 4th, 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Where: Rock N Roll Hall of Fame – 1100 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114
How: Free, Open to the Public, RSVP required
This is more than your typical drum clinic. From performances by local drummers/bands and hearing the story of entrepreneurship/SJC’s humble beginnings, to learning professional tips from an artist and the opportunity to ask questions about touring, networking, and more, you’ll leave the event feeling inspired to hone your own craft and take your passion for music to the next level. Best of all, these events are free and open to the public!  For more information on SJC Drums and The Loyal to the Craft Tour, please head to
Each event will feature pop up shops with exclusive merchandise and gear on-site as well as a raffle for a custom SJC x Vans snare drum to be chosen at the end of tour. Local drummers and bands will perform at each event and participants will get to learn about everything from drums to business and more from both Frank and Mike. Whether they are just starting out as a drummer or have been playing for years, participants will gain valuable insight into many facets of performance and the music industry.


The Guess Who is responsible for countless rock classics, which still retain a major presence on rock radio – “American Woman,” “No Time,” “These Eyes,” etc. The band is set to return on September 14th with their latest album, ‘The Future IS What It Used To Be’, released via Cleopatra Records (available in CD, Vinyl, and Digital formats).

The band is Garry Peterson (Drums, Vocals), D# (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano), Will E. (Guitar, Harp, Vocals), Leonard Shaw (Keyboards, Flute, Sax, Vocals), and Rudy Sarzo (Bass, Vocals). The album’s first single, ‘Playin’ on the Radio’, will be released on July 17th. It can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services. Also featured on the album are several special guests including, Tommy Shaw (Styx) on vocals, Brent Fitz (Slash, Gene Simmons) percussion, Jim Kale (Guess Who founding member) and Michael Devin (Whitesnake) on bass guitar.

“The song is a celebration of the radio and what it meant to us all.”, explains D#. “Whenever a new great song hit the airwaves, the DJ would say a few words then off to the races! You’d tune in just to hear it over and over again. The character in the song could be any one of us as we move ahead in life. Great music has the innate power to transport you back to so many great memories in an instant. Music is healing. I see it AND feel it every single night in our audience.”

A music video for the track has been filmed (directed by Nigel Dick and shot in Las Vegas), and the song can be pre-ordered on iTunes (there is also a pre-order page set up on the official Cleopatra site [INSERT LINK]). The video can be viewed here:

“I love what I do, and I love trains and I love rock n’ roll,” explains Nigel about the video. “So, I was honored to be asked to shoot The Guess Who. And when they told me they were available for a day in Vegas and by chance I stumbled on this wonderful rail-yard full of old engines just up the road from the strip – I was in heaven – and up to my axles in dust! It was a perfect day.”

And the band is pleased with the results. “My very first music video…who knew?!” says Garry. “Having the privilege of working with the legendary Nigel Dick, took me back to growing up in an era where music videos told a creative visual story that I always looked forward to seeing by my favorite artists,” adds Will. “This track was no exception, adding a colorful, action packed sequence to a great story.”

Garry Peterson: “I never dreamed that I would get a chance to record an album, after 40 years, in the same way, and with the same recording gear that we used in the 60s and 70s. This was truly a blessing for me and a humbling, cathartic experience for my musical soul. Thank you to all my bandmates, and everyone who helped make it a reality. I hope our fans enjoy it as much as I do.”

D#: “This all started when I wrote ‘Playing on the Radio’. Lyrically and musically, these songs are the soundtrack to my journey with The Guess Who over the last 10 years. This record was a joy and an honor to create. As version 3.0 of this iconic band, we had our work cut out for us. The challenge in this type of situation is always to be true to the heartroots of the original blueprint, as well as being able to journey onwards into an inspired future, incorporating the new energies that we bring to the experience, as you do in any family, generation after generation. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as we did.”

Will E: “I am honored to be a part of this chapter of The Guess Who. We specifically wrote and arranged the music to reflect what people have always loved about the band; great songs with big vocal driven choruses. We accomplished our own sound while maintaining the classic nature that makes The Guess Who an iconic band.”

Rudy Sarzo: “The Guess Who is part of the soundtrack of my life. It’s truly an honor to have performed on the new record. And I’m already looking forward to the next one.”

Leonard Shaw: “It has been quite the trip since I joined the Guess Who 25 years ago, but I am stoked about our new recording of original songs! These songs are fun to play live, and people are digging them!”

And soon, fans will be able to hear the latest work from this legendary band, upon the arrival of the rocking and inspired ‘The Future IS What It Used To Be.’

‘The Future IS What It Used To Be’ track listing:

1. When We Were Young
2. Runnin’ Blind
3. Talks All The Time
4. Baby Come Around
5. Haunted
6. In America
7. Playin’ On The Radio
8. Give It A Try
9. Good Girl
10. Long Day

The new album is now available for pre order.

Pre-order the CD:

Pre-order the vinyl:

Pre-order the digital album on iTunes:

Stream “Playin’ On The Radio” on Spotify:


Website –
Facebook –
Instagram  –  @TheGuessWhoBand
Twitter – @TheGuessWho




Judas Priest’s latest studio album, Firepower, was released March 9, 2018, via Epic Records. Co-produced by Tom Allom and Andy Sneap, the 14-track album has become one of the most successful of the band’s entire career – landing in the “top-5” of 17 countries (including their highest chart placement ever in the U.S.), and scoring their highest charting commercial rock radio single in decades with “Lightning Strike” (for which a music video was also filmed).


And at noon EST on July 23rd, the band’s next music video, “No Surrender,” will be available for viewing via “’No Surrender’ captures the true metal fighting spirit and metalheads around the world find a united voice within the message of this song,” says the band. “When you honestly believe in yourself and live your life the way you have the right to with no surrender, then nothing will ever stop you from living your dream.”


Few heavy metal bands have managed to scale the heights that Judas Priest have during their near 50-year career, and with a line-up featuring Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, Richie Faulkner, Ian Hill, and Scott Travis, Judas Priest will be scorching across North America with some heavy metal Firepower again this summer and fall on tour with Deep Purple! For more information, please visit




8/21 — Cincinnati, OH — Riverbend Music Center

8/22 — Chicago, IL — Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

8/24 — Detroit, MI — Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill

8/25 — Mt. Pleasant, MI — Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort

8/27 — Hamilton, ON — FirstOntario Centre

8/29 — Montreal, QC — Bell Centre

8/30 — Quebec City, QC — Centre Videotron

9/1 — Wantagh, NY — Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

9/2 — Bethel Woods, NY — Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

9/5 — Darien Center, NY — Darien Lake Amphitheater

9/6 — Holmdel, NJ — PNC Bank Arts Center

9/8 — Virginia Beach, VA — Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia Beach

9/9 — Camden, NJ — BB&T Pavilion

9/11 — Charlotte, NC — PNC Music Pavilion

9/12 — Jacksonville, FL — Daily’s Place

9/14 — Atlanta, GA — Verizon Amphitheatre

9/16 — Biloxi, MS — Mississippi Coast Coliseum

9/18 — Kansas City, MO — Starlight Theatre

9/20 — Welch, MN — Treasure Island Casino

9/21 — Council Bluffs, IA — Harrah’s Council Bluffs

9/23 — Denver, CO — Pepsi Center

9/26 — San Diego, CA — Mattress Firm Amphitheatre

9/27 — Irvine, CA — FivePoint Amphitheatre

9/29 — Mountain View, CA — Shoreline Amphitheatre

9/30 — Wheatland, CA — Toyota Amphitheatre

Flavor Flav Returns to Host 2018 Nudes A Poppin Festival This Weekend !

Roselawn, Indiana -Get your bag packed ,set your humongous clocks and dust off those shades and head to Indiana  to a weekend filled with fun , sun and lots and lots of bodies and one super famous rapper .

  Simone in the Poll at NAP
Simone in the Poll at NAP

Flavor Flav returns to host the 43rd annual Nudes A Poppin festival and  beauty pageant this weekend in Indiana . Flav was there last year to the delight of the fans and will be so again  .Tickets are going fast to make sure you get them soon and bring your cameras . It would not be nude fun without it !

Official Flyer
Official Flyer