Saint Vitus Review- A Fans Tale !

We met up with some super fans who drove all the way from Rochester ,New York to attend the Saint Vitus concert. After speaking with them we decided to let them do the review  and back story ,so ladies and gentleman I present guest writers Alex Greywitt  and  Nick Greywitt.


I first discovered Saint Vitus in the Summer of 2014 about the time I graduated from college. While in school, I documented every band I had discovered and no genre was ignored. NWOBHM, Black Metal, Death Metal, early 80s English Hardcore/D-beat, American Hardcore 80s Punk, and eventually Doom Metal. My brother, Nick, and I have an extremely eclectic music taste but we largely ignore bands past the 90s because we feel the best music was made between the late 1950s until the 1990s, starting with Chuck Berry. We especially seek out old school metal/rock bands who espouse the old school/analog sound. The more obscure the better.

My interest in doom metal and the impetus for re-examining my love of bands that used the Black Sabbath formula I credit to Witchfinder General and Saint Vitus. I discovered Witchfinder General in late 2012/early 2013 my Junior year. Around that same time I was voraciously listening to Black Flag, reading some of Henry Rollins’ books, and had read some excerpts from Rock and the Pop Narcotic by Joe Carducci (the producer of the first 4 Saint Vitus albums). I read Black Flag from 1982-1984 was absorbing influences from bands such as Black Sabbath, Void, and Saint Vitus (their newly acquired labelmates at the time) when My War was released. The slower parts of My War and Witchfinder General’s hailing of Black Sabbath made me seek out this type of music I had always known and listened to; but was unaware of the scope of its genre.

So not long after I graduated in May 2014, I stumbled upon the song Born Too Late. I will never forget those seven minutes of my life. While I am being crushed by perhaps the heaviest riff I have ever heard since the ending of “Under the Sun” by Black Sabbath, I read the lyrics to that song. Never had I seen a set of lyrics that so accurately and uncompromisingly described my life. Nick and I knew we were always different from people our age and perhaps alienated by what we enjoyed. It was a struggle to find anyone with an interest in old music in bands like Led Zeppelin, Blue Cheer, Sabbath, Alice Cooper etc. let alone anyone who would have the simple interest in asking why or what you liked about these seemingly alien music men. Very few people I knew were into wearing long hair, spending your time playing your guitar or drumset, and listening to a vinyl LP. It was just far too foreign for others to understand or explain. To be told by older people you were probably born in the wrong time or you can’t be this way because of that belief can wear on the soul. However, as the song explains, “I know I don’t belong/And there’s nothing that I can do/I was born too late/And I’ll never be like you” you have to accept what you are and take solace in the fact that you will never just be another face in the crowd. Dave Chandler and Scott Reagers had written the ultimate song as the catharsis for the people that felt the way they did. The people that feel at times they “carry a cross” for a belief few others may understand and never will. In the end, it is a piece of your individuality no one can take from you.

After I heard the song I sent it to my brother who had a similar experience as I did listening. We were so moved by this type of music we obsessively bought doom records from bands like Trouble/The Skull, Cathedral, Sleep, The Obsessed, Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Candlemass, Dream Death, and Electric Wizard. We both agree it is sobering to think what our lives would be like had we not listened to Saint Vitus.
To that point, we hold Trouble and Saint Vitus in the highest regard for staying true to themselves in an era where this type of music was so underground it was virtually ignored by many even within metal circles back then. Trouble/The Skull and Saint Vitus have proven it is the power of the riff that reigns king in heavy metal with their influence from Black Sabbath deserving especially high praise in our eyes. The Skull and Saint Vitus also exemplify you don’t need to play 100mph in order to be heavy. In fact the slower you go, the more punches you can throw in! From the production, musicianship, and attitude the outputs of these bands epitomize why I personally enjoy this genre of music above all others. Scott Wino, Dave Chandler, Bruce Franklin, Rick Wartell, Phil Cope, Gaz Jennings, Adam Lehan, Victor Griffin, and most importantly, Tony Iommi are all Guitar Gods!


So when we heard The Skull and Saint Vitus were playing in Cleveland, we drove four hours from Rochester, NY. We met up with our cousin Zak and saw two of our most highly respected bands live. Both bands played incredible setlists with high points being “Assassin” and “The Tempter” by the Skull and “Burial at Sea” “Mystic Lady” and the incomparable “Born Too Late” encore by Saint Vitus.
Eric Wagner pointed out my old school Trouble shirt on stage and funnily asked if I was even born when that shirt was made! Nope! I was born in ’92!
I talked to Dave Chandler after the show and told him it was another check off the list for the “Summer of Doom” tour (dubbed by Nick and I) we were on, as we saw Black Sabbath in Toronto on August 29th and Sleep in Pittsburgh on June 22nd. The show was everything we could have hoped for and was a testament to our love of heavy/doom metal! It is highly refreshing to see people, young and old, enjoy themselves to this music because where we come from no one we know appreciates it! Kudos to the Grog Shop!

“If it ain’t heavy, it ain’t shit.” – Scott Wino

Written by Alex Greywitt with input from Nick Greywitt for Neo-Examiner.

UFO & SAXON Announce Spring US Tour – The British Invasion 2017!


Rock legends UFO have announced a US tour with very special guests SAXON, beginning March 9 in Houston, TX and continuing into early April.
UFO, with their long standing line up of Phil Mogg (Vocals), Paul Raymond (Keyboards / Guitar), Andy Parker (Drums), Vinnie Moore (Guitar) and Rob De Luca (Bass), are back in the US after a phenomenally successful sold out tour in early 2016.  They are currently working on their 22nd studio album after the last studio release A Conspiracy of Stars in 2015.
SAXON are touring on their latest release Battering Ram together with the new double live album set Let Me Feel Your Power (out October 28 in North America), both on the UDR Music label. After great success with both US headline shows and dates with Judas Priest over last few years, the band are back as part of this great package. SAXON are Biff Byford (Vocals), Paul Quinn (Guitar), Nigel Glockler (Drums), Doug Scarrett (Guitar) and Tim “Nibbs” Carter (Bass).
UFO‘s Phil Mogg states, “We are polishing the guitars, cleaning up the drums, I have a new front tooth, and our crew have bought themselves fresh mascara, some new tunes, and an airline ticket to the USA, to be joining our old pals SAXON on what will be a celebrational tour of all our favorite places. Look forward to seeing you there! Kisses, UFO.”
SAXON‘s Biff Byford adds, “It’s great to be back on the road with UFO. The last time we toured together was in the 80’s so it should be fun and a unique package for the fans. See you in March. Keep the faith.”
Special guest on all shows is Jared James Nichols.
UFO & SAXON US Tour Dates:
March 9 – Houston, TX / SCOUT BAR
March 10 – Dallas, TX / GAS MONKEY LIVE
March 11 – San Antonio, TX / ALAMO CITY MUSIC HALL*
March 14 – San Diego, CA / HOUSE OF BLUES
March 15 – San Francisco, CA / THE INDEPENDENT
March 16 – Los Angeles, CA / BELASCO
March 18 – Anaheim, CA / THE GROVE
March 19 – Las Vegas, NV / HOUSE OF BLUES
March 21 – Denver, CO / SUMMIT CONCERT HALL
March 24 – Sioux City, IA / ANTHEM @ HARD ROCK CASINO
March 26 – St. Charles, IL / ARCADA THEATER
March 28 – Cleveland, OH / HOUSE OF BLUES
March 29 – New York, NY / BB KINGS
March 30 – New York, NY / BB KINGS
April 1 – Jim Thorpe, PA / PENN’S PEAK
April 2 – Allston, MA / BRIGHTON MUSIC HALL
*SAXON to close
Tickets are available from all usual agents and outlets.


Prince Tribute in Cleveland Offers Fans a Two For One Deal !

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“Purple Rain Prince Tribute Concert” Featuring Morris Day and Time and Sheila E. Saturday October 15th at the Cleveland IX Center.

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Devilstrip Debuts at Hard Rock Live


Northfield ,OH-The little band who could , that’s how I refer to unknown powerhouse trio that is Devilstrip.The band who  I first came to notice  last year opening up for Europe is steadily making a rise in the music industry.The band just completed direct support for Cinderella’s Tom Keifer playing for a 1600 person capacity crowd at Hard Rock Live located in the Hard Rock Rockcino Northfield Park . I think I figured out the secret to this bands success, no filler just well written rock and roll songs played by skilled musicians giving their 100% onstage !  This is the third time I came across this act and I have to say there is no such thing as coincidence , I was meant to write about this band .The evening  started with ” Not What You Need ” and continued for 9 more songs . An opening act playing a full set of 45 minutes is almost unheard of in this day and age and that’s just testimony to this bands skill. The evening continued with other tracts including , ” Bitter ” ” Including Me ‘ and my favorite ” Snakebite ” and even tossed in a cover of ” War Pigs ” . The entire show was a great night and Devilstrip topped it off. I see great things for the future of this band . The members are Marc Wasmund on guitars and vocals, Jimmy Gray on drums and Graig Lindgren on bass guitar. To learn more about this band please see their official website at and don’t forget to read our original article about them from our archives.



Photo of The Day -American Idol Alumni Kendra Chantelle Celebrates Birthday with 1600 Fans !



a-dsc02240 American Idol Alumni and Tom Keifer ,Zak Brown Band back up singer Kendra Chantelle celebrated her birthday last night with 1600 fans at the Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield  Park while on tour with the Tom Keifer Band. We at NEo Examiner wish her a birthday as well and cant wait to see her on tour again !

Adam Ant Announces Winter North American Tour !



The dandy highwayman from London will be making his way across North America via an official announcement on his twitter page

The 80’s rock icon will be performing his seminal album ” Kings of The Wild Frontier ” in its entirety for the fans . The European reviews of the shows have been outstanding and we look forward to experiencing them ourselves. Check the below dates for a city near you ! and please view the officlal twitter for more information .



Official released image