Movie Review- The Good Neighbor

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A pair of mischievous high school kids (Logan Miller, Keir Gilchrist) create the illusion of a haunting on an unsuspecting neighbor (James Caan). While keeping his every reaction under surveillance, they see much more than they bargained for, and discover that the man they’re tormenting is not the easy target they’d expected.
This film is the perfect example of what is wrong with society , from the modern millennials who grew up with the age of technology and attitude of entitlement without having to work hard .The pure fact that the kids portrayed in this movie never take into account another persons struggles or issues just is another example of modern society. The old adage of never judge a book by it’s cover is paramount in life and society . The film is suspenseful and thrilling with out being cheesy and the acting is well done . The legendary James Caan is the subject of the kids target and he does an outstanding job .One of the most underrated movies that are currently playing on direct download and I suggest you check it out . I give it four out of five stars and hope it does help society to look back on its self !

Movie Review – USS Indianapolis-Men Of Courage

Adobe Photoshop PDF In 1945, the Portland-class cruiser USS Indianapolis, commanded by Captain Charles McVay (Nicolas Cage), delivers parts of the atomic bomb that would later be used to level Hiroshima during the ending of World War II. While patrolling the Philippine Sea, on July 30, 1945, the ship is torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine, taking 300 crewmen with it to the bottom of the Philippine Sea, while the rest climb out of the ship and are left stranded at sea for five days without food, water and left among shark-infested waters.

Without any hope for five days, most of the crew are eaten by sharks or die of salt-water poisoning by drinking sea water. On the 5th day, the crew are rescued by an airplane pilot who spots them by chance and calls for a rescue. Only 317 survive the disaster. Looking for a scapegoat for their own negligence, the navy court-martials and convicts Captain McVay for “hazarding his ship by failing to zigzag” despite overwhelming evidence supporting McVay.

I have waited a long time to see this film ,I first became aware of this horrible incident during a viewing of the film “JAWS ” the seminal 1975 film about sharks attacks off of the New England coast . The character of Quint retold the story of the USS Indianapolis in what has become a legendary scene in movie history . The film is a start realistic recounting of the incident and the aftermath of the governments need to blame an innocent man.The cast did a fine job with Cage in the lead . The talents of Tom Sizemore and many others round out the cast .One of my favorite actors turned director Mario Van Peebles did a great job with such a sensitive subject . The movie is available for viewing now on various outlets and we highly suggest it is definitely worth the time .I give it 3 stars out of 5

Avatar Rocks Cleveland


Cleveland , OH- The  Swedish metal band Avatar did a headlining appearance over the weekend to the delight of fans from far and wide. The World Famous Agora played host to the night of macabre with a complete line up of some of the best and the brightest with Avatar headlining the show . The Feathers and Flesh tour brought over 90 minutes of music and  theatrics  to the packed venue . The hits included ” Regret ” , ” Paint Me Red “,” Fiddlers Farewell ” and many many more . I had the chance to speak with  drummer John Alfredsson one of the founders of the band and asked, did he have a light bulb moment , the moment when a kid see a movie and wants to become and actor  or sees  a  band and wants to play on stage so I asked him if he had one . He stated that after seeing Metallica on Swedish TV  with the S & M  tour video he knew what he wanted to do . I am more that willing to place a wager that he is also some kids light bulb moment and you could not ask for a better inspiration then Avatar. The supports acts were also no lightweights to the scene with One Eyed Doll , Open Your Eyes and Wednesday 13 bringing their own unique vision to the night. A special note to keep an eye for Open Your Eyes, they are going to be huge someday !  Avatar is currently on tour with Avenged Sevenfold so make sure to see them in a city near you !

Movie Review -Sully – A Must See Film !


Heroes , it is a word overused time and time gain.The sports hero, the movie hero, how about the real heroes  .The pilots and the police officers and the physicians and scientists that work tirelessly to protect us and keep us safe .The  truth  is that real heroes are just humans put in extraordinary situations and are able to overcome adversity with skill, determination, intelligence and dignity. This is the story of one such hero Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger.

This is the story of the man behind the action and the media and public scrutiny that followed the ” Miracle on The Hudson ” .While the outside world saw the hero , the powers that be saw a scapegoat and looked to ruin and destroy this man .  A modern David and Goliath you might say.  The movie is done in stark realism with Tom Hanks ( on of the best actors of the last 40 years ) in the main role with an outstanding supporting cast and director .The talents of Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney and Clint Eastwood made what could have been just an exploitative film into a true story of humanity and triumph . We highly recommend this film and give it 5 stars .The movie is currently in theaters nationwide


Iconic Comedy Duo Cheech and Chong Coming to Hard Rock Rocksino

Best known as one half of the hilariously irreverent, satirical, counter-culture, no-holds-barred duo, Cheech and Chong, (now back on tour) make a stop at the Hard Rock Rocksino on November 11.
“  Cheech and Chong: 8:00pm, Friday, Nov. 11: *Tickets: $72.00/$62.00/$42.00
· Cheech Marin is a paradox in the world of entertainment. Cheech is an actor, director, writer, musician, art collector, and humanitarian, a man who has enough talent, humor, and intelligence to do just about anything. Cheech (real name Richard) Marin was born in South Central Los Angeles and met Tommy Chong in Vancouver, British Columbia as a political refugee. Six of their albums went gold, four were nominated for Grammys, and Los Cochinos won the 1973 Grammy for Best Comedy Recording. More:

· Grammy Award winning comedian Tommy Chong is legendary for his invaluable contribution to American counter-culture as part of the iconic comedy duo Cheech & Chong. During their reign, the twosome recorded six gold comedy albums and starred in eight films. Tommy has appeared in several films, most notably, as “Leo” on FOX’S “That 70’s Show,” and has guest starred on ABC’s “Dharma & Greg” and “The George Lopez Show.” Chong recently released his new book entitled Cheech and Chong: The Unauthorized Autobiography. Earlier this year, the highly anticipated, award winning documentary A/K/A TOMMY CHONG was released worldwide. More: Web:

Daredevil’ stars Charlie Cox, Jon Bernthal, Elden Henson to attend Wizard World Pittsburgh!

‘Daredevil’ is a breakout hit series on Netflix, and three of its stars will attend Wizard World Comic Con Pittsburgh when Charlie Cox (“Matt Murdock/Daredevil”), Jon Bernthal (“Frank Castle”) and Elden Henson (“Foggy Nelson”) appear at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on Saturday, November 5.

Cox, who will reprise the “Daredevil” character in the upcoming spinoff “The Defenders,” has also had key roles in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” and the films Stardust and The Theory of Everything.

Bernthal, a frequent Wizard World guest, starred as bad-boy survivor and former small-town police officer “Shane Walsh” in the hit series “The Walking Dead.” The classically trained actor also has extensive theater experience and had a key role as “Brad” in the 2013 hit The Wolf of Wall Street.

Henson has 50 film and TV credits, including spots in The Butterfly Effect, Deja Vu and The Hunger Games: Mockinjay—Part 1.


Northeast Ohio, Get Ready To Light Up New Year’s Eve with TSO!

large-tsoTrans-Siberian Orchestra Returns to Quicken Loans Arena

The Ghosts of Christmas Eve Presented by Hallmark Channel

December 313:00pm & 9:00pm

Two Spectacular New Year’s Eve Performances

Tickets Go On Sale Friday, September 16 10am!

I cant wait for this some of my favorite artists are  performers  with this group ! large-tso