Sex Pistol’s Steve Jones Lonely Boy is a Great Read !


I recently had the opportunity to read an advance copy of the new memoir of Sex Pistols founder Steve Jones and it rocks . I have never been a fan of the Sex Pistols but to be honest however I have been going back to look or in this case listen with a fresh ear and mature outlook and to be truthful, it can be eye opening. The book makes plenty of references to the performances from television and at gigs and I have been watching them thanks to the power  you-tube. The raw intensity of those early days of punk have always fascinated me.The stories behind the many bands managed or in this case mismanaged by Malcolm McLauren ( Adam Ant got easy easy just having to start over )  really fascinated me  along with the sex , drugs and more drugs and a lot of pain with quite a bit of humor in the mix as well . Steve Jones shows his maturity in this memoir and the eventually of  rockers growing older and looking  back on their lives. Some of the best parts in the book of what is not Rock N Roll and the fact that  its written in English and I mean London English so you better know your British slang to be able to read it you puff tosser .All humor aside we highly recommend this book and know you will get a kick out of it . It is  available online at at fine booksellers everywhere just ask for Steve Jones Lonely Boy (c)2017 Da Capo Press