Arnold Sports Festival Draws Worldwide Competitors and Fans

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking to a crowd at the 29th annual Arnold Sports Festival
Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking to a crowd at the 29th annual Arnold Sports Festival

Columbus ,Ohio- The  annual  pilgrimage of sports enthusiasts to Columbus , Ohio earlier this month brought the world a little closer together .I met people from Italy, Poland, Australia and all parts of America . The Arnold Sports Festival ,named after Arnold Schwarzenegger and now in it’s 29th year which started in 1989 as the Arnold Classic has greatly expanded its  goals and outreach.The weekend now has featured 20,000 athletes from 80 nations in 75 different sports and events . In addition to bodybuilding, it has dance,cheer-leading ,arm-wrestling,martial arts, fencing, art, chess and many more , The event is now held world wide on every continent on the planet . The events are run very smoothly and friendly with the practiced hands of  the very best people at the top of their game. In addition to the competitors  there is a wide and varied assortment of fitness minded merchandise for the weekend warrior who just likes being the best they can be . To make this a true family event the expo now has a separate section called Kids Expo to show that fitness and sports are for the whole family .The event is held ever year in Columbus,  Ohio and I  suggest you make it down at least once to see what its all about . It had an inspiring effect on me to take ones health  to heart and to live a better lifestyle . See ya in Columbus !

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An exhibitor showing the props can be fun
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A mountain of supplements were available .
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Arm Wrestling Competitors
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A fitness competitor
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Bodybuilders and comics a winning combination
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Fitness ruled supreme
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Fencing at the Expo


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Dance Competition at the Arnold !

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