We are excited to tell you (if you have not heard already) that the 9th annual Lake Effect Comic Con will be taking place on Sunday, June 24th at the Holiday Inn on Rt. 306 (conveniently located between both 90 and Route 2) in beautiful Mentor, Ohio! The show will run from 10 AM- 5PM, and boy do we have some cool stuff lined up for you guys this year!
Admission is $8 for adults, children under 13 are admitted free.  Free parking is provided.
Here is a complete list of confirmed Creators and Dealers that will be at the show!



Confirmed Creators:

Confirmed Dealers:

We will also be holding our popular costume contest!
  • There will be four categories for judging
    1. Girls 12 and under
    2. Boys 12 and under
    3. Women 13 and over
    4. Men 13 and over
  • The first place winners in each category will win a grand prize
  • All entrants will receive a gift
  • Judging will occur in the Hotel Lobby promptly at 3:15 PM
(We would like to remind everyone- no weapons of ANY KIND are permitted at LECC. If you are found to have one, you will be asked to leave with no refund and the proper authorities will be contacted. Cosplay is NOT consent. Please respect our guests and fellow attendees and their right to enjoy the show. Treat people how you would want to be treated. If anyone is caught violating these rules we WILL eject you from the show and no refund will be given.)
So we look forward to seeing you all there! Start working on those costumes, and making those back issues lists!

Doctor Strange -Movie Review


Doctor Strange -Movie Review

I had the opportunity the see an advance of the film before it comes out next week .I must say that I entered the viewing with an open mind , I was not a fan of the comic or the previous film incarnations as I have never viewed either. In addition I was not the biggest fan of Benedict Cumberbatch as I have only watched him in Star Trek Into Darkness and I didn’t care for the antagonist in that film. However with that open mind I can honestly say two words . Nailed it , that is exactly what he did , the man is an excellent actor with the diversity to play drama and action and all the emotions that go into it . He gives the character a true portrayal as man going thru the trials of life both success and failure with some tragedy and triumph thrown in for good measure .This is a wonderful take on the original subject matter and will please generations to come . The rest of the cast did a great job as well with Rachel McAdams proving she is not just a pretty face but a talented and versatile actress. I give the movie four out five stars .

The story of the film is Stephen Strange, an acclaimed neurosurgeon, loses the use of his hands in a car accident. His former lover and co-worker Christine Palmer tries to help him move on, but the arrogant Strange instead wants to heal his injuries. After months trying experimental surgeries on his hands, and using all his resources, Strange seeks out Jonathan Pangborn, a paraplegic who mysteriously was able to walk again. Pangborn directs Strange to Kamar-Taj, where he is taken in by another sorcerer under the Ancient One, Karl Mordo. The Ancient One shows Strange her power, revealing the astral plane and other dimensions such as the Mirror Dimension. Strange begs her to teach him, and she eventually agrees despite his arrogance, which reminds her of Kaecilius.