Live Review- Faster Pussycat, Enuff Z Nuff & Bonneville

Sharpsville , Pennsylvania – Live music is back unmasked and Thelma’s Sports Nook had the three prong attack last week with hit after hit and enough music to satisfy the most ardent of fans.

Up first was local opener Bonneville but judging talent by the time slot is a major mistake in music and one you should never do . Playing some classic rock to the delight of fans along with an original of vocalist Paul Skowron former band White Noise ( Party In The Rust) you can see why this artist was signed to Atco records with his band Noisy Mama back in the day. The guitar work was done to perfection by former Celtic Frost guitarist Ron Marks who brings a nice rock and metal edge to the music . The drums and bass were played to perfection by Paul Guzman ( bass ) and Mark Munyon ( drums )

Not to be outdone Chip Znuff and The rest of Enuff Z Nuff hit the stage with a fury. I saw them last when they were on tour with Tom Keifer and to say they were amazing is an understatement .I was looking forward to the hits and almost hits and just damn good songs . The melodies and music just blended into a nice smoothie for the ears . On a side note Chip is one amazing bass player, almost lead bass player if you can image that as well as sings at the same time. New Thing is still my favorite song by the them but the new songs are really starting to over take the spot on my playlist . The rest of the band consists of Tory Stoffregen: Guitar, Tony Fennell: Guitar,Dan Hill: Drums

Up next and being prepared to dominate the stage is headliner Faster Pussycat, fresh off the release of their new single NOLA ( a totally rockin song by the way ) .This is the fresh and vitalized Faster Pussycat with over two years of clean living which makes you feel like its 1989 again and the Sunset Strip is alive again . The stage was packed and the temperature and the band were hot as molten lava as a well oiled machine gun blasting your senses . The line up is tight and contains Taime Downe - lead vocals ,Xristian Simon - guitar ,Sam "Bam" Koltun - guitar ,Danny Nordahl - bass ,Chad Stewart - drums,

Playing all the hits the band was an unstoppable force , this is something we all needed , to get out of the house and enjoy being alive again , you , me ,the band , everyone . Until next time see you at the show !

Five Reasons You Must See The Sirius XM Hair Nation Tour !

This is one show not to miss !

Cleveland, Ohio -The Sirius XM Hair Nation Tour arrives  at  Cleveland’s House of Blues  next week and here are the top five reasons you must make it your go to destination Monday night !


1- Nostalgia- Admit  it ,you hate getting old. The bills, the jobs , the responsibilities , it makes you long for the days of youth and no responsibility when music was king and world was your oyster. You can relive that, even if its just for a few hours with friends and perfect strangers  who you have shared history of music and times.

2- The Line Up –  It is  literally a who’s who of late 80’s early 90’s music .You can leave the stone wash jeans at home thou but the bands will be bring the hits . I have seen all of the bands before several times and this is one show not to miss .If you want to ” Save Your Love “or  just get freaky and ” Smooth Up In Ya ” or just get  high on a ” New Thing ” this is the night of hits.

Jack Russell's Great White
Jack Russell’s Great White

3- Jack Russell’s Great White – This is one of my favorite artists and not just the classics , his latest album ” He Saw It Coming” it one of the best releases in the last two years and it proves to the  critics Jack can still sing , he can still write and guess what he can rock n roll better then most of the generation out there.

 Bullet Boys performing at the former Ripper Owens Tap House in Akron Ohio
Bullet Boys performing at the former Ripper Owens Tap House in Akron Ohio

4-The Bullet Boys – I have seen Marq Torian  and the band more times then  that I can remember and he  ” ALWAYS ” puts on a killer show . Need awesome  guitar leads , he has them , killer vocals , yep  he has those too, catchy chorus  to  sing along with , he has you covered its like a one stop shop for rock n roll and if your are not a fan you will be once you see him live !

 Chip Z 'Nuff on stage in 2006
Chip Z ‘Nuff on stage in 2006

5- Enuff Z ‘Nuff – The band Rolling Stone listed at the next huge thing ( no one saw grunge coming ) prove why they are still  relevant and kick it with classic hits as ” Flying High Michelle ” and ” New Thing ” Chip and the boys put out a new release recently and even thou I have yet to hear it I hope they have copies at the show !

The show is Oct 22 at Cleveland House of Blues and it is one show you can miss , for further information check out the official website at

Enuff Z’Nuff Set To Rock House of Blues Oct 22!

SiriusXM Presents the Hair Nation Tour with Jack Russell’s Great White, BulletBoys and Enuff Z’Nuff, hosted by Eddie Trunk

Cleveland , Ohio – Get ready to rock the new thing as one of the best rock bands  of the 1990’s comes back to Cleveland on October 22  as part of Sirius XM Hair Nation Tour . They will be playing the stage with some of my favorite artists of all time , Jack Russell’s Great White and The Bullet Boys . ( See previous Jack Russell’s Great White live and new album review in our search engine ) .

I first saw Enuff Z’ Nuff in 1993 while on a headlining tour with then label mates Noisy Mama and again in 2006 at an appearance in Cleveland’s, historic  Peabodys .I can honestly say this band does not disappoint and this a night that will be remembered.


The band is currently  supporting   a new release called ” Diamond Boy ” with the video available on YouTube .The current line up is Chip Z Nuff on vocals and bass guitar , Tony Fennell on guitars ,Tory Stoffregen on guitars and Dan Hill on drums . You can find all of the bands tour information on their official website at