Live Review – Hair Nation Tour Delivers The Hits !

This is was a night not to be missed !

Cleveland, Ohio – The bands, the sights ,the sounds,  and the  excitement  of the 1980’s came together in a thrilled venue earlier this week . Cleveland’s own House of Blues played host to Sirius XM Hair Nation tour and they could not have picked a better venue. The line up was the perfect cocktail for fun and they brought plenty of it with them.

Enuff Z Nuff on Stage
Enuff Z Nuff on Stage


Enuff Z’ Nuff opened the night with a great mix of new and old songs the new songs off of Diamond Boy were classic Enuff Z’ Nuff such as Diamond Boy and Metalheart  along with such hits at New Thing and Fly High Michelle and Baby Loves You. The band was in top form and didn’t skip a beat . I highly  recommend checking them out !

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Up next were the gunslingers of Bullet Boys. Marq Torien is one amazing front man and guitar player , his energy and stamina is better then players a third of his age , yes he is that amazing . The band was tight as usual and Ive seen them on festivals and clubs and this was a great place to see them at, as it is the perfect intimate size venue for the pure fury that is the Bullet Boys . Smooth up In Ya along with several others were the songs and hits they played .Videos and records do not do this band justice , they must be seen live to be appreciated ,I give them an eleven .

Bullet Boys on Stage
Bullet Boys on Stage
Jack Russell's Great White Live On Stage
Jack Russell’s Great White Live On Stage

The headliner was none other then Captain Jack himself .Jack Russell’s Great White ( as if there is another ) played to a thrilled audience  .To be honest its public knowledge  that  Jack has had some health issues but with that being said you would not know it from the amazing front man on stage that night .Spinning and kicking and  singing  the best vocals of the night .The band is amazing with great guitar work from the duel six string demons of Robby Lochner and Tony Cardenas along with a sold bass and drum section . This is one of the true rock stars left . They played all the hits but you should check out the latest’s release ” He Saw it Comin ” by far a top notch act and Jack still rules the airwaves .

Jack Russell's Great White Live On Stage
Jack Russell’s Great White Live On Stage

If any of the bands are anywhere near you in the future I  recommend checking them out it is not something to be missed !


Music Review -Jack Russell’s Great White -He Saw It Comin’

One of the best albums you missed of 2017 !

Cover art by DeArdis Hurts
Cover art by DeArdis Hurts

The 1980’s and 1990’s were magical times,the cold war was winding  down and metal  music was mainstream and on the radio and television. In the midst of all this bands like Guns N’ Roses , Metallica and Great White ruled the airwaves , but just like Metallica or any band for that matter personal change and like phoenix rising from the ashes so do great front men. Men such as Jack Russell . Ladies and gentleman let me introduce to the best rock album  you missed  last year, Jack Russell’s Great White ” He Saw It Comin'” .

Jack Russell's Great White
Jack Russell’s Great White

The tracks start of with ” Sign of the Times ” and with it , the current trappings of modern society , including internet fame , fake facebook friends, and yes fake news , with a great melody and powerful riffs.

She moves me is a slow and sexy , bluesy song , a great song to dance too . I can imagine dancing and grinding with a beautiful girl next to me , or at least dropping dollars on stage for her to pick up and forget I ever existed except to make it rain .It has a mini rap in it but all in in all its a fun song .

Up next is ” Crazy ” which is about dating a beautiful but mentally unhinged person and the bad decisions we make because of them. I know I have been there so this son has a lot of meaning to me.

” Love Don’t Live Here ” is a steady progression of when love fades and the feeling we all have of loneliness. The intonation of Jack Russell’s voice along with the melody created by Robby Lochner’s  guitar , is the perfect pairing , similar to Keith Richards and Mick Jagger , they just compliment each other .

” My Addiction ” is about the real life addition that Jack and millions of people face everyday . The current drug overdose  crisis griping the nation makes this song the perfect time to release it .A big congrats to Jack for beating his addition and being able to create great music for his fans.

” Anything For You ” acoustic  introduction and soft spoken lyrics , shows a maturity in song writing that can only come with the trials of getting older and living  with the ups and downs of life and our own mortality.

” He Saw It Comin'” well to be honest I know a little bit of insite  to this song .Its basically about knowing what you were going to be at an early age and no matter how many times you fall down you pick your self up until you finally reach you goal and prove the haters wrong. Who knew that Jack Russell is almost like a real life metaphor for Rocky Balboa.Its a cool song with rocking riffs and some sarcastic tones , in other words the perfect rock song.

” Don’t Let Me Go ” starts  a little reggae riff , just a hint but slightly there but the song is about not wanting the perfect moment to change.Love the guitar solo in the bridge.

‘Spy Vs Spy ” name is taking from the old Mad Magazine comic of the of the same name. The into guitar lead shows the ferocity of Robby’s talent with the song going into a fast paced story like an action adventure , I can actually see this on a James Bond movie soundtrack . Check it out , the bridge is unreal and works well .

‘Blame It One The Night” The deep heavy riffs , along with lyrics , really go into the darkness  of night. The monsters come out at night .The song is about child abuse and molestation as a girl becomes a young woman by her father , a powerful message.  A dark and mysterious song that compliments the album.

” Godspeed” is a throwback to the days of old , do wop song sung in  Acapella form , not what you would expect but it shows the wide range of Jack Russell’s talent .

The band consists of Jack Russell on vocals ,Robby Lochner on guitars , Dicki Fliszar on drums ,Dan McNay on bass guitar , and Tony Cardenas-Montana on guitars .

To order your copy or to see if they playing a show near you , please see the official website at