Music Review- Heaven & Earth -Hard To Kill

Best Damn Band You Have Never Heard Of !


Los  Angeles, CA- ”  Holy crap ” is what I thought when I first heard the release ” Hard To Kill ” from Los Angeles based hard rock act Heaven & Earth .What planet have I been living on and what rock, hiding under as I should know of this band , this is my style of music after all . I feel a little ripped off as this is  the forth release  from them and the first I heard  and I love unknown and underground bands. ( I did see Metallica with Cliff Burton so that alone proves I’m cool right! )


Heaven & Earth founder Stuart Smith was born in Great Britain, the son of an RAF jet fighter pilot, and he was originally classically trained on the guitar from the age of 8. After seeing a Deep Purple concert in the early 70’s he got turned on to Rock & Roll. When he was 19 years old he met their guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and the two became fast friends and Ritchie took Stuart under his wing and mentored him. ( taken from the bands bio )

When I first heard the album I thought is was a natural progression for a band like Whitesnake , however it was not Whitesnake at all just an awesome band in the vein of Rainbow and Deep Purple and of course Whitesnake. ,  Similar sounds but wholly original in their own right, with amazing musical talent and creative song writing this is a 4 out of  4 stars album.

Heaven & Earth members include Joe Retta (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), Stuart Smith (guitars), Lynn Sorensen (bass), Mike Mangan (Hammond organ and keyboard) and Steve Wilson (drums, percussion). On Hard To Kill, Heaven & Earth includes musicians, drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars) and keyboardist Ty Baillie (Katy Perry, Robbie Robertson). ( Taken from the bands bio )

The album became available last month and I have had it about a week and have been listing to it ever since.Some of my favorite tracts are the title track ” Hard To Kill ” that  serves as the band’s attitude and statement,    . “L.A. Blues” exposes  why L.A. is a great place to visit and why I would never want to live there ,  “The Game Has Changed”  compares the present and the past and how things are so different . If you check out  just one band that you don’t know of this year make sure you check out Heaven & Earth .You wont be sorry . 

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