Five Reasons You Must See The Sirius XM Hair Nation Tour !

This is one show not to miss !

Cleveland, Ohio -The Sirius XM Hair Nation Tour arrives  at  Cleveland’s House of Blues  next week and here are the top five reasons you must make it your go to destination Monday night !


1- Nostalgia- Admit  it ,you hate getting old. The bills, the jobs , the responsibilities , it makes you long for the days of youth and no responsibility when music was king and world was your oyster. You can relive that, even if its just for a few hours with friends and perfect strangers  who you have shared history of music and times.

2- The Line Up –  It is  literally a who’s who of late 80’s early 90’s music .You can leave the stone wash jeans at home thou but the bands will be bring the hits . I have seen all of the bands before several times and this is one show not to miss .If you want to ” Save Your Love “or  just get freaky and ” Smooth Up In Ya ” or just get  high on a ” New Thing ” this is the night of hits.

Jack Russell's Great White
Jack Russell’s Great White

3- Jack Russell’s Great White – This is one of my favorite artists and not just the classics , his latest album ” He Saw It Coming” it one of the best releases in the last two years and it proves to the  critics Jack can still sing , he can still write and guess what he can rock n roll better then most of the generation out there.

 Bullet Boys performing at the former Ripper Owens Tap House in Akron Ohio
Bullet Boys performing at the former Ripper Owens Tap House in Akron Ohio

4-The Bullet Boys – I have seen Marq Torian  and the band more times then  that I can remember and he  ” ALWAYS ” puts on a killer show . Need awesome  guitar leads , he has them , killer vocals , yep  he has those too, catchy chorus  to  sing along with , he has you covered its like a one stop shop for rock n roll and if your are not a fan you will be once you see him live !

 Chip Z 'Nuff on stage in 2006
Chip Z ‘Nuff on stage in 2006

5- Enuff Z ‘Nuff – The band Rolling Stone listed at the next huge thing ( no one saw grunge coming ) prove why they are still  relevant and kick it with classic hits as ” Flying High Michelle ” and ” New Thing ” Chip and the boys put out a new release recently and even thou I have yet to hear it I hope they have copies at the show !

The show is Oct 22 at Cleveland House of Blues and it is one show you can miss , for further information check out the official website at

Live Review- Pop Evil Bring Music Over Words Tour to Cleveland’s House of Blues

The well deserved success of a hard working band comes to fruition !

Pop Evil on Stage
Pop Evil on Stage

Cleveland, Ohio – The mighty Michigan hard rock act known at Pop Evil descended upon Cleveland this last week to the delight of the Rock Capital .The continued climb up the charts over the years has cemented this band into the heart and minds of fans everywhere . I met fans from Pittsburgh,Columbus and Toledo. To say this band has a following is a grave understatement as the fans traveled from  far and wide and thru many age groups from teens to middle aged, there is something for everyone.   The band is in current support of their self titled effort  ” POP EVIL ” with the song ” Waking Lions ” reaching number #1 on rock radio.

DSC07666 copy.jpg pop
Pop Evil on Stage

The evenings set started off with high energy and the track ” Ways To Get High ” and didn’t let up for sixteen songs . Some of my favorites were ” Torn To Pieces ”  and ” Bosses Daughter “.  I really like the new song ” Waking Lions ” as in this time in history it  can be applied to many situations. The guitar work of Nick Fuelling leads along with the solid rhythm guitar  of  Dave Grahs  made this is sonic attack on the senses.

Pop Evil on Stage
Pop Evil on Stage

The bands put the fans in to forefront and really plays to them , the onstage energy of bassist Matt DiRito really kept the crowd electrified. The personal contact of vocalist Leigh Kakaty along with the rich melodies and soulful lyrics cannot be put into words , suffice to say awesome ! The newest member of the group and keeping the beat and proving that some of the best guys in a band can be a woman is Hayley Cramer, drummer extraordinaire.

Pop Evil on Stage
Pop Evil on Stage

To learn more about Pop Evil or to see them on the upcoming summer tour check out the official website at

Pop Evil on Stage
Pop Evil on Stage

80’s Icon Adam Ant Packs Cleveland’s House of Blues


Adam Ant
Adam Ant

Cleveland ,Ohio – The 1980’s were alive again this past Saturday when Adam Ant packed Cleveland’s House of Blues to a sold out audience.At one time Adam was the worlds most prolific rock star with an amazing number of hits in a very short time span .One of the best parts of his shows is that is is not a normal rock concert. It is a giant TARDIS time machine that transports us all back to 1981 again, free of the pains of aging, bills , reading glasses , children and problems. We are free to enjoy folly and dance and dress outrageous if we want. “Ridicule is nothing to be scared of ” to quote Adam’s song Prince Charming   which of course he played that night along with all of his ” Anthems ” hence the name of the tour of which I caught two nights of this time around. The band and Adam were on fire with a vim and vigor of performers 1/3 his age .Recovering from a tragedy this past January of Adam’s guitarist Tom Edwards passing suddenly the band did what true professionals would do . They played on in his memory and packed the house .I am a first generation fan having owned the original cassettes back as youngster, dressing dandy and extremely happy to be an 80’s child .

The show lasted approximately two hours with about 20 or more songs , but some of my favorites were Dog Eat Dog, Prince Charming ,Kings of The Wild Frontier, Christian Dior and Stand and Deliver . To be honest I love most of his songs , and he likes to mix up his sets so do not expect the same songs every time but if you only see one tour this season make sure it is this one .

Adam’s band is a tight knit unit and  one the best in music . The members are A P Leach -Guitars, Andy Woodard-Drums ,Joe Holweger– Bass Guitar , Jola-Drums and Will Crewdson on Guitars

To learn about all things Adam check out his official webpage at

Glam Skanks
Glam Skanks

The opening support slot were the up and coming The Glam Skanks from Hollywood .They reminded me of the Runways mixed with Sweeny Todd add a heaping of confidence and Girl Power rolled into one.All young but skilled musicians in their own right I am curious to see how the band develops as song writers in the near future.But I really enjoyed the majority of their set . The band members are Ali Cat on vocals, Millie on Bass, V playing guitar, and  Cassandra Khalileh on drums. To learn all about The Glam Skanks check out


Saliva Prove They Still Have The Metal !

Saliva On stage
Saliva On stage

Cleveland, Ohio – The House of Blues played host to one of the best bands to come out of the 1990’s Memphis, Tennessee’s own Saliva rocked the house to the foundation earlier in the month.  The band has gone thru several line up changes in their career , however this current line up is strong, powerful , talented and ready to rock . The eleven song set included both classics and new material to the delight of the fans. Some of my favorites included ” Superstar ” and ” Click Click Boom” and ” Your Disease ”    The song ” Trust ” always meant something special to me as well . The other bands on the bill included Akron’s own Devil Strip and The Everyday Losers and both acts did a great job .

I am often asked what I think of replacement members in bands and here is my official statement on that . Name one company you know that has had the same personal for close to 20 years . A band is not just a brotherhood it is also a business and people change , move on and explore other venues so to them I say just enjoy the music.

The current line up is

To learn more about Saliva check out the official page at

NOFX First Ditch Effort Tour: Cleveland Gets Hardcore


It’s no surprise when I see Fat Mike, the lead singer of NOFX, open a show dancing and singing to Rocky Horror Picture Show’s “Time Warp” song; donning a neon Mohawk and a knee length kilt.

            NOFX is currently on tour across the US with Israeli punk band Useless ID and hardcore band Pears from New Orleans. Thankfully they were able to prove that punk is not dead with a live show at the Cleveland House of Blues. All three bands delivered a solid performance, and rocked harder than any punk band I’ve seen in a while.  a-dsc02071Useless ID instilled some very important messages, from being Anti War to getting drunk. Both of those we can all agree with. I really enjoyed their anti-war song, “How To Dismantle an Atom Bomb”, and if you have ears and like punk rock you should listen to it.
          Pears had a spectacular performance as well. In his opening song, lead singer Zach Quinn crowd surfed across the sea of fans cheering him on. Pears entire performance was very electrifying. Before I even attended the show, I was told by a local punk kid that this band was going to be very good. Pears did not disappoint. This band is the epitome of crazy hardcore punk rock. The mosh pit was pure insanity.a-dsc03009
         NOFX is the headliner of the First Ditch Effort Tour, named after their newest album. Their last album, “Self Entitled“, was released four years ago. I have been listening to NOFX since I was in high school, but I admit I was not prepared for how much of an awesome show they would put on. Fat Mike, the lead singer of NOFX, has a great stage presence and is definitely a dude I can get along with. a-dsc03575He even announced on stage he’s been sober from painkillers for 85 days. That’s a brave thing to tell your fans, and it’s obvious NOFX has a solid and long standing fanbase. I talked with  many punks in the Cleveland House of Blues that night; some from West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, and the far reaches of Ohio. Fans of NOFX drove hours or even took a plane ride just to see them, mosh hard, and sing every word of their lyrics. NOFX has been moshing and rocking against the establishment since 1988, and I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon.a-dsc03397

Written by Chelsea Lovegood -Staff Writer