Artist Profile -Jared James Nichols

He is sight to behold and an smorgasbord to the ears!

In honor of Record Store Day , this past weekend I wanted to do a spot light on a lesser known artist but one that will be lesser known for only a little while longer . I brought out my vinyl I bought at a show ” Take My Hand ” and allow me to introduce to Jared James Nichols .


I was  first was introduced to to JJN at a Zakk Wylde   show when he was direct  tour support . I showed up thinking oh great I have to sit thru another opener. Well to be surprised is an understatement .This guy is awesome, his modern take on the blues and   rock is unparalleled in today music landscape.I immediate went to his merch table  after his set and bought a record I had to hear more .

20190322_180937 copy.jpg JJN

Fast forward  a couple of years later and I was delighted to see he was announced for the opening slot of the latest John 5 and The Creatures Tour . Like before this artist just belew me away and the fact that he does not use a guitar pick is just amazing .He uses his thumb like Steve Harris  of Iron Maiden uses his fingers . It is a sight to behold and an smorgasbord to the ears.

DSC05810 copy.jpg JJN

A lot of people complain that there is not new music or good music coming out , well open your ears citizens there is a new sheriff in town !! and his name is Jared James  Nichols  .

DSC00663 copy.jpg JJN

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