Three Days Grace w/The Warning show review

Canadian hard rockers Three Days Grace rolled into Montreal, Canada on November 20 in support of their newly released Explosions album. With 20 top ten hits on Billboard charts spread out over 20 years, the term grizzled veterans can be applied to them. Led by lead singer Brad Waist (and younger brother of lead guitarist Matt) who joined the band in 2011, Three Days Grace performed a show similar to many of today’s modern rock bands, and that is what it was, a very produced and choreographed show performed by aged veterans.

Opening with So Called Life and following up Animal I Have Become, Three Days Grace had the crowd going from the start. Home and Pain had the early vibes of Three Days Grace but that is when the process became too rehearsed and choreographed.

The show progressed between Painkiller and I Am The Weapon from The Explosions album, but a long keyboard setup and Brad Waist chants for Three Days Grace kept breaking up the fluidity. Brad Waist’s banter to the crowd lacked sincerity before World So Cold. Following songs such as Good Life and I Hate Everything About You were played. Encore songs were Never Too Late and Riot but at that point, the crowd had noticeably diminished.

Opening up for Three Days Grace was The Warning, a trio of sisters from Mexico. Playing songs off their newly released Errors album, they stole the show with their high energy tempo, rhythms, stage performance and enthusiasm. Things that the Three Days Grace show lacked. And their cover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman had a crowd sing-a-long going. Setting up the whole evening was The Standstills, a Canadian duo from Oshawa, Ontario, playing standard rock radio fare from their two albums Shockwave and Badlands.

Within Temptation 2022 Live Review

Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation played in Montreal, Canada on October 13 as part of their 2022 North American tour. With a catalogue spanning over 25 years, they are considered one of the vanguards of symphonic metal. Although they have leaned more towards pop metal over the last few albums, it’s hard to stay hard over the years, the band’s focus has always been on Sharon den Abel’s vocals. And Sharon’s vocals were still there, for most of the night.

Starting the set with See who I am, following up with Paradise, In the Middle of the Night and then with Faster, the show was at the top of its form. More recent songs that followed like Entertain You and Shed My Skin received a more tepid response. In between, Sharon acknowledged the LGBTQ crowd base, paid tribute to the people in Ukraine and discussed her past issues with exhaustion and the death of her father. Ballads like Angels drew a large sing-a-long

Closing the evening with encore songs Supernova and Mother Earth, the pause for the encore itself gave Sharon a few minutes to regain vocal form as the finale had a lot of energy. On the whole, the show was fun although there was a sense that the band was going through the motions. Even after 2 and a half decades, Sharon still has a presence and a voice. So, it was worth seeing Within Temptation, even if it’s just for one time.

Opening the evening was last minute call in Vrylnia, a Montreal based symphonic metal band. With a strong opera influence from lead vocalist Ariane Martel, the band played a tight set of songs from their just released debut CD, the Other World. It was worth the evening in its entirety just to discover a new band