Restaurant Review -Nicko McBrain’s Rock N’ Roll Ribs

Do you have a heavy metal appetite ? This is your new home .

Coral Springs , FL-I was recently covering some assignments in  South Florida and when the opportunity to go have lunch at Rock N’ Roll Ribs  I jumped at the chance . I have been an Iron  Maiden fan since I first saw the film ” Live After Death ” in the movie theater as a teenager. They have been firmly implanted in my psyche ever since . One of my proudest moments is when I saw that the designer of their mascot Eddie ( Derek Riggs ) did the logo on one of the artists albums  I did the cover photo( Ethan Brosh ) .To say I was a fan is an understatement of the facts .

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In 2009 Nicko opened Rock N’ Ribs in Coral Springs, Florida .The motto and tagline is ” Where BBQ Meets Metal ” and that is pretty true . The whole restaurant is covered is Iron Maiden memorabilia, from platinum and gold records to autographed drum heads and pictures and autographed photos from many of Nicko’s rockstar friends .

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The staff was friendly and courteous and the food was  America comfort food for the most part . Planet friendly serving paper  straws and to be honest giving back to the community . A resident of Boca Rotan he could have sat on his laurels but he is owner of a business , which mean employees and supporting their families and   paying taxes to support his  community .This man is a rock star and not just in the musical sense .

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If you are ever in South Florida make sure you put this on your bucket list , you never know who you might see . The official website