Priest Tribute The Sentinel Delight Cleveland Crowd !

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The recently opened Pub 91 in Willoughby Hills hosted  an evening  of metal music last night to heat up the fans amidst the frozen landscape of North East Ohio . I have recently rediscovered my love for Judas Priest with the release of ” Turbo 30 ” this past  week and the ability to  hear those songs played live was an opportunity not to be missed . A slight departure from the traditional tribute band this was fronted from non other then a female lead singer and  if you want in on a  little secret , it worked ! It worked so well I think we will see great things from this band in the near  future . I have changed my stance on tribute bands over the past few years , I used to hate them but I now see the point . The band you love is either not on tour , doesn’t have a venue close to you or the tickets of so high priced that you need a second mortgage to get into the first 30 rows .The best answer to this conundrum is to check out a  tribute act and now you can enjoy  the music and relive the past without killing you bank account.

The band played well into an hour with all the hits and classics covered followed by another band on the bill, the Ozzy /Black Sabbath tribute act Sabbotozz. The Sentinel are  Rokken Robyn Halford-vocals ,Doug Schroeder-guitar,Mike Swart-guitar
Greg Campbell-drums,Tim Warren-bass to learn more about any upcoming shows  please check out their official facebook page at