Following Spirit Animal at the Beachland Tavern


Brooklyn native band, Spirit Animal, rocked out Cleveland’s Collinwood art district at the Beachland Tavern Tuesday night. Spirit Animal is a hybrid sound of funk and punk, with a splash of pop rock. The band stopped for their current tour, What a World with musician/band Nico Yaryen from Los Angeles.

Spirit Animal was able to grant me, Chelsea Lovegood, staff writer of the NEO Examiner an interview in between sets, and it was a great time getting to talk to them. With Steve on vocals, Paul on bass, Cal on guitar, and Rowan on drums it was an interesting conversation with a pretty cool band.

C: What would you describe the type of music that you guys play?
Paul: Out of control Rock n Roll.

Steve: Action Comedy!

C: What do you think about Cleveland so far?

Paul: So far so good, everyone has been super chill and super nice. Like accommodating. Paul likes the bartender, and Paul likes the beers the bartender has been giving Paul.

C: How many music videos do you have out?
Steve: Lent, Crocodile Skins, Big Bad Road Dog, Regular World, Come to Christmas, Best friends, Black Jack White. Seven official.


C: What would you say your inspiration to make music is?
Steve: To show people something that they haven’t felt before. We all come from pretty different backgrounds. A lot of hardcore punk stuff.
Paul: Refuse is one of my favorite punk bands back in the day. I also like brit pop stuff and Travis (Barker). And of course, you know, everyone likes Radiohead.. Everything that was esoteric. Hatebreed, Candiria, and Botch.

C: Who writes the lyrics and music?
Spirit Animal: It’s all collaborative.

Well there you have it: An interview with a truly unique and funky band, Spirit Animal. Make sure to check them out the next time they stop in your town!Until then you can visit them on the web at

By Staff Writer: Chelsea Lovegood