Live Comedy Review -Aries Spears at Cleveland Improv

One of the funniest comics on the planet !

Cleveland, Ohio – The iconic Cleveland Improv hosted one of the best and brightest  in the comedy industry last weekend .Aries Spears , the Chicago native brought his brand of midwest and urban comedy to  the rock n’ roll  city. The sold out crowd was in for a treat .

Upon hitting the stage with some country twang intro music we knew this was not just some other show . His  timing , set and delivery is some of the best in the business . His voice talents and mimic of others is a skill few others posses and his animation and facial expressions take make back to the glory days of Redd Foxx ( in fact a few times I thought he might be channeling Redd ).

The hecklers were in full force that evening but he handled them with ease and humor and now the phrase ” Shit Emoji ” is now part of my lexicon but I unlike him must be cautious how I use it . The show was a breath of fresh air as the current state of being political correct is now forced upon the masses , at a comedy show you can just relax and enjoy being able to laugh .To be honest I was not familiar with  Aries even with his thirty plus years in the entertainment industry  but he made a fan of me.

I can’t go into his routine as it would take away from the magic of the show but if you want a night of fun and laughs , check out Aries Spears and if you cant wait he does a podcast as well . Show him some love and tell him we sent you !

The podcast can be found at