Live Review -Stryper Live At The Beachland Ballroom

A huge thank you to Stryper for not only a great night of music last night but for 35 years , preaching the word , hearing our thoughts and speaking our hearts. Stryper we salute you to a job well done !

Cleveland, Ohio – The musical icons Stryper made a stop in Cleveland last night to the delight of music fans old and young .The 1980’s icons started off as being labeled  Christian metal back in the day but their legacy has defined them as skilled and creative musicians .The duel guitar work and beautiful melodies go way beyond labels . Just great songs and even greater musicians.

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Last night show was billed as the ” History ” tour a night of hits, theirs and ours and was it ever    . Besides the traditional Stryper set such  ” Calling In On You “and ” To Hell With The Devil ” they played a nice selection covers from Kiss , Judas Priest , Queen, Van Halen  and a few others .

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The fact that this band has been going for 35 years strong prove the dedication of their fans . I am not age biased as I am getting up their as well but I saw quite a few fans in walkers , wheel chairs and scooters .The ironic part was that I have known most of those fans for  over two decades but to see them young again, raising their fists in the air and rocking out , proves to the power of music.

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Stryper consists of Michael Sweet on vocals and guitar ( one of the most underrated guitarists out there, his riffs are heavy, his melodies beautiful and his solos are skillful )

Robert Sweet on drums ,  who monstrosity of a drum  kit    would make  Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham nod in approval but with the skill and creativity to put it all to use .

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Oz Fox on guitar whose quiet demeanor hides the guitar demon he is ( can you call someone in Stryper a demon . In this case I give myself a pass .

Rounding out the bass position is the newest member of the group, Perry Richardson formally of Firehouse doing a great job on the bass and backing vocals , especially on Panama .

A huge thank you to Stryper for not only a great night of music last night but for 35 years , preaching the word , hearing our thoughts and speaking our hearts. Stryper we salute you to a job well done !

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Billy Morris and Sunset Strip opened the show playing a back catalog of various bands from Kidd Wicked , current material and even a Warrant Song .Billy was joined on stage for a cover with local legend Joey D to which the crowd roared in approval . Props to Billy and his band for a fun night !

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Live Review -Five Reasons To See Stryper Live In Concert

Cleveland, Ohio -Spring is in the air and it is a time for renewal, to step outside and see what the world has to offer.With that thought in mind the spring and summer concert calendar opens up a world of musical discovery and in celebration of Stryper’s spring tour  we bring you the top five reasons to see Stryper  in concert.

Stryper Live On Stage
Stryper Live On Stage


Formed in 1982 and finding success in 1984 the band has had decades of hits , with positive messages about faith and salvation and undying love as the main themes of their songs. The pure hits of ” Calling On You ” , ” Honestly ” and ” To Hell With The Devil ” ensure that their legacy will live on for many many more decades . One of the few ” Big Hair Bands ” ( I hate that designation ) that survived  and  still thrive to this day.

Stryper Live On Stage
Stryper Live On Stage

2- God Damn Evil

The new release from the band is tearing up the music scene with both critics and fans literally singing its praise. The tracts ” The Valley ” has amazing duel guitar work .” Sorry ” has the message we can all relate to and ” God Damn Evil ” brings with it the power of the message along with the  musical chops to back it up. A great album pick one up today.

Stryper Live On Stage
Stryper Live On Stage

3- Same Band New Member

The announcement of former Firehouse bassist Perry Richardson joining  Stryper in October 2017   brings with him decades of musical talent  in both the metal and country music scenes . I saw him  perform recently and can say he is a a great addition to the band and a perfect fit.

Stryper Live On Stage
Stryper Live On Stage

4-  Michael  Sweet Shreds on the Guitar !

That’s right I said it ,the man knows his way around a fret board . The pure six string talent and blistering leads coming from his guitar cannot be over stated. Known mostly as a singer he was never a slouch in the rhythm section but his leads in a  songs bridges are over the top . He has the ability to over play but the sense to know what fits the song. Guitarists in training please take examples from this man.

Stryper Live On Stage
Stryper Live On Stage

5- The Message

I know it is not politically correct in this day of millennial’s being offended by everything ever said , spoken , sang or viewed .But the message of Stryper stating that there is a  love for that never ends, that we are all flawed and we can be accepted even with our flaws is what society needs.To be a better version of ourselves and to try to make the would around us better. I am sorry but not sorry the world needs fixed and the message is what matters .

Stryper is

Michael Sweet – lead vocals, guitar 

Robert Sweet – drums, percussion 
Oz Fox – guitar, backing vocals 
Perry Richardson –bass guitar
 To see all the details of the current tour and things Stryper please see the official website at
Stryper was supported on the Cleveland date by the bands Mourning Wagon and Hell and Back  who both did a great job firing up the packed house.