Podcast Review- Once Upon A Time In The Valley

Since the start of the Covid19 crisis and the majority of the entertainment industry being shut down ,especially live events we have had some time to check out what the various live streams and podcasts have to offer in terms of content and entertainment .

Ladies and gentleman I can say I came across an outstanding podcast full of intrigue and excitement, lies deceit and a whole lot of sex. Let me introduce you to ” Once Upon A Time in The Valley ” the real life expose of the Traci Lords scandal told by all the players involved , Traci Lords herself , the adult industry including Amber and Ginger Lynn , Tom Byron , Jim South ,Suze Randell , ex boyfriends and Traci’s family and more . This series does not want to influence you but wants to present the facts for you to decide you own who is guilty in all of this and why it happened .

The production company is C13 Originals and your hosts are mainstream media journalist Lili Anolik and adult industry historian and pod-caster Ashley West of the Rialto Report fame .

I give this podcast a four star rating due to the research , editing and the execution of this outstanding series . It is available on all podcast platforms however I have been utilizing https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/once-upon-a-time-in-the-valley/id1521731236

This is one series you will enjoy especially if you are a fan of Traci, The adult industry , the 1980’s nostalgia or even just a good mystery . Well done , well done .

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