Anthony Russo Celebrates Marvels Endgame Home Release in Cleveland !

Cleveland, Ohio – Acclaimed director Anthony Russo , gave a toast and an introductory speech while celebrating the home video release of Marvel’s Endgame to a crowd of Clevelanders before a trolley tour of shooting locations  for Avengers and Captain America Winter Soldier . The Disney backed event also had a helping from The Cleveland Film Commission whose purpose is to draw film companies to Cleveland and show them the resources that our city has to offer . The fine folks at Allied Global Marketing who have been promoting the release locally also were there to ensure a smooth operation .


Please see the video to see the introduction from Anthony Russo

Music Video Review- Lacuna Coil -Layers Of Time

Music industry  veterans  Lacuna Coil return October 11th with a new release “Black Anima” and the Italian band gave us a sneak peak with the music video for ” Layer of Time ” which is the first single off of the record .

The imagery of ” Layers of Time ”  seems set in the post dystopian future combined with a feel of a gothic coven . I honestly have never been a fan fan of screamo bands that do not have singers but Lacuna Coils  mix of dirty vocals and the beauty of Cristina Scabbia ‘s voice and lyrics is a perfect combination dark and light , of beauty and the beast .

One of my favorites parts of this song is you hear the entire band .  The bass guitar is featured prominently in the mix and the chorus combination is very powerful .

The bridge is unique and showcases the extreme talent of the band . Please make sure you check it out .

The current band consists of Andrea Ferro — male vocals (1994–present)
Marco Coti Zelati — bass, keyboards (1994–present), guitars (2015–2016)
Cristina Scabbia — female vocals (1996–present)
Diego “Didi” Cavalotti — guitars (2016–present)
Richard Meiz — drums (2019–present)

They are currently on tour in Europe and start in the US in  mid September to learn all things about Lacuna Coil please see the official website at