Band Spotlight-1988

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In case you didn’t know it but Ohio is one of the best states for music , we do have the Rock Hall ( okay its more of entertainer hall of fame ) but one thing we have is musicians . Members of Kiss, Guns N Roses , Black Veil Brides , Faster Pussycat , The James Gang, The Eagles ,Warrant , Steel Panther, Nirvana and many many more call Ohio their birth state . However besides the bands and names you know, there are a plethora of amazing and talented bands you do not know .

One of the bands you do not know but should is Ohio’s own ” 1988 ” I am not sure on the age of this band but 20 years is a pretty close estimate . Not only do they keep the best of the hair bands music alive , in the 1980’s and 1990’s they were the ones making the music happen playing right on stage with the bands dominating MTV and Headbangers Ball .

The band’s current line up is founder and bassist Dave Belanger ,singer and co-lead guitarist Alex Schreckemgost, co-lead guitarist Rob Draye and last but not least is drummer extraordinaire Todd Shelly . I call him thats because he can sing so well he rivals David Coverdale .The entire band sings and plays but it is the love of the music and the enjoyment on the faces of the crowd that keeps this band motivated. After the year plus of Covid 19 we have all had , we can definitely use a night of fun .

If you are out and about and see ” 1988 ” on a marquee on in a flyer make sure you check them out and if you want to learn more about them check out the official website at

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