Album Review -Styx Crash of the Crown -out June 18th

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As I write this I have had a couple of weeks ( and several listens ) to preview the latest album by the legendary Styx . This is the 17th studio release by the group and in it one of the best .

Styx live on stage

The album opens with the track” The Fight of Our Lives ” and it tackles head on all the thoughts everyone has had in 2020 / 2021 . Basically about overcoming obstacles and never giving up . I try not to do a song for song detail review because if I do then It will spoil the magic but I will highlight some of my favorite parts .But I do really like the bridge in ” A Monster ” The drums and lead guitar work really shine on this track .Lawrence’s vocals take it up a notch in ” Reveries ” Touching and thought provoking, ” Hold Back The Darkness ” is a song that gets more serious as you listen more and more . It does remind me a little of Pink Floyd at times in certain spots . A rockin tune , ” Save Us From Ourselves ” reminds us that Styx is a rock band and with this they get back to their roots .The title song ” Crash of The Crown ” is perfectly named in these trying time . The duel lead guitars and vocals and is a little reminiscent of Queen but this is destined to be a classic .One of my favorite of my songs of theirs .

On a positive note is ” Our Wonderful Lives ” It just makes you smile and think of great times of the past and of the future . A really awesome song . I thought Styx went industrial via Terminator on ” Common Ground ” intro but that is Styx , they can put anything in a song and make it gel and blend together and sound natural .

There is 15 tracks on this album and it is a fluid transition from their previous effort “The Mission ” I rarely do this but I give it four stars out of four stars . If you are a rock fan and want some new music to listen to then this is the album for you .Its available in just 10 days so mark you calendar and reserve you copy. To learn more about the band and all things Styx check out the official page at

Ricky Phillips, James Young and Tommy Shaw of Styx

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