Classical Mystery Tour and Cleveland Orchestra Create Magic !

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Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio – The summer home of the Cleveland Orchestra , Blossom Music Center played host to a night of magic for both old and young and young at heart . One thing that bridges gaps is music and this night was filled of it , I saw families with 90 year old’s all the way down to seven year old’s and smiles abound on everyone .

The evening started when conductor Martin Herman took the podium and like a sorcerer unleashed the magic of the musicians. After a brief teaser the Beatles tribute known at Classical Mystery Tour ascended to the stage and were were all bound back in time .

Some of my favorite songs played were ” Penny Lane” and ” Here Comes The Sun ” My mother RIP only saw one concert her entire life and it was the Beatles back in 1963 and I know she too was smiling looking over Blossom this night .

The band did a fine job of capturing the look and feel of the band thru out their career , be it SGT Peppers era or the Ed Sullivan era . They brought something for everyone .

The Cleveland Orchestra has to commended for the talent and skills of their musicians as one of the finest we have ever seen and it was a unique experience putting rock and classical on the same stage and I works. I think Beethoven was the original rock star ..

The orchestra has a pretty full schedule and we encourage you to check out the official website at I and the near capacity crowd give this show 4 stars .. We will be back !

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