Live Review -Cradle of Filth at Cleveland Agora

Cleveland, Ohio- The legendary and amazingly renovated Agora Theatre in Cleveland played host to a night of metal which this city has not seen in a long time . The updated venue looked sharp and spectacular in a days of past high society type way , which was perfect for this band . England’s Cradle of Filth ,the multi genre defining metal band has been around for approximately 20 years with the line up changes that come with such a long history . I knew very little about the band but that was about to change from this night forward .

The stage with set as an evening with Cradle of Filth due to some changes on the tour and the audience did not mind. I talked with fans as far as Rochester ,New York and Arkansas , holy crap that is some drawing power . The lighting was moody and a smoke machine filled the venue and the DJ recently played a Gary Numan song ( yes that 80s Gary Numan who now does electric goth /industrial music ) and the crowd was into it .( even if they had no idea who it was ) when the band hit the stage . Power and fury and melody soon was the driving force for the night and the audience cheered with a fever .

Although I was unfamiliar with most of the material , the quality musicianship and talent could not be denied . This band shined through out the set as a well oiled machine musical machine

The current line up is Dani Filth – lead vocals (1991–present) Martin ‘Marthus’ Škaroupka – drums, keyboards, orchestration (2006–present)Daniel Firth – bass (2012–present)Richard Shaw – guitar (2014–present)Marek ‘Ashok’ Šmerda – guitar (2014–present)Anabelle Iratni – keyboards, female vocals, orchestration, lyre (2021–present)

I highly suggest you attend one of their performances as venues and tours start opening up again .Please see the official website at

As we close this taste of

Davey Suicide Heats Up Frost Bitten Cleveland !

” make sure you catch them in a city by you as is it a show not to be missed ! “

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Cleveland, Ohio – The Hollywood enigma known as Davey Suicide played the historic Cleveland Agora this past week. The band is at a crossroads as this tour in in preparation for the release of their third full length album ” Made  From Fire ” which is due out next week. The band is currently on an national tour as direct support for co-headliners Combichrist and Dope with September Mourning also as a supporting act on the ” Blood , Lust,Death Tour 2017 ” Due to the support status Davey had a limited set ,however even with the shortened time frame They played three tracks off of the new release ” Made  From Fire ” which included the prophetic ” Too Many Freaks ” which features Twizted on the release in addition to   fan favorites from the previous releases .The closing song of the night was the track that started it , the in your face ” Generation Fu*kstar ”

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I was able to get a sneak peak of the new album and without a doubt I can state it is a true masterpiece. Besides the cool riffs and catchy grooves it denotes the musical maturity of an artist that has struggled on the road and in life.The pain and challenges of 21’st century life that we can all relate to in the material.The live show is no different but only better because the real connection that Davey has with his fans is a real tangible object, one that cannot be denied.Such is proof that fans drove thru a blizzard with arctic temperatures such as super-fan November of Columbus, Ohio for which this is her 20th show in about four years.

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The members are Davey Suicide ,Drayven Davidson, Niko Gemini, Derek Obscura and Needlz . The band will soon embark on a full year tour in support of” Made  From Fire ” so make sure you catch them in a city by you as is it a show not to be missed !

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