Live Review -Stewart Copeland’s Police Deranged with The Cleveland Orchestra

Cuyahoga Falls , Ohio- The end of the summer season of the Cleveland Orchestra was this past Saturday and did they bring out the stars for this one . This is the second time this particular show has ever been performed and it was done to perfection bringing the magic of Steward Copeland to the masses .

The evening was conducted by Edwin Outwater with Steward Copeland performing as drummer , part time M.C. and guest conducting for a bit as well .

Some of the hits performed but changed in many ways were ” King of Pain ” , “Roxanne” and “Spirits in the Materiel World ” my favorite song of the evening has intense solos by the orchestra which showcased the pure talent of our musicians was ” Equalizer ” and a very unique version of ” Every Breath You Take ”

The tour continues next month and then some dates in November but to truly keep informed please see his official website at but to be honest even if you are just a casual Police fan this is a show that should not be missed as is a four star show and that will be talked about for years ! Thank you and see you at the show !

Live Review-Salute To John Williams at Blossom Music Center

Cuyahoga Falls ,Ohio- The historic Blossom Music center is the summer home for the Cleveland Orchestra and a perfect setting under the stars ,can we say ” The Force is Strong in North East Ohio ” Okay bad pun but great music and the renowned Cleveland Orchestra was the catalyst to a great night of fun, music and stories .

The night was led and conducted by Richard Kaufmann who himself has appeared on six scores as a violinist composed by John Williams and knows the man personally .( it is safe to say if you can call him at home you know the person well )He led the night and filled it with humor,history and charm and he definitely added a touch of Hollywood to the night ( but without the ego typically found in the movie industry .

The evening started off with the ” Olympic Fanfare and Theme” and proceeded faster then a speeding bullet as the music from “Superman The Movie ” filled out ears with delight .Some of the material i was not familiar with such ” Minority Report : A New Beginning ” and”If We Were In Love ” from ” Yes, Georgio “. Memories came flooding back as scores from Jaws, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial and Raiders of the Lost Ark delighted my senses along with newer work from Harry Potter and of course “Star Wars” had to be mentions as a John Williams retrospective with not be complete with out it . On a side note even thou it was not played I love his original ” Lost In Space ” score as well .

The Cleveland Orchestra will soon be ending the summer session but they can always be found at Severance Hall and on the official website for further information

Classical Mystery Tour and Cleveland Orchestra Create Magic !

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio – The summer home of the Cleveland Orchestra , Blossom Music Center played host to a night of magic for both old and young and young at heart . One thing that bridges gaps is music and this night was filled of it , I saw families with 90 year old’s all the way down to seven year old’s and smiles abound on everyone .

The evening started when conductor Martin Herman took the podium and like a sorcerer unleashed the magic of the musicians. After a brief teaser the Beatles tribute known at Classical Mystery Tour ascended to the stage and were were all bound back in time .

Some of my favorite songs played were ” Penny Lane” and ” Here Comes The Sun ” My mother RIP only saw one concert her entire life and it was the Beatles back in 1963 and I know she too was smiling looking over Blossom this night .

The band did a fine job of capturing the look and feel of the band thru out their career , be it SGT Peppers era or the Ed Sullivan era . They brought something for everyone .

The Cleveland Orchestra has to commended for the talent and skills of their musicians as one of the finest we have ever seen and it was a unique experience putting rock and classical on the same stage and I works. I think Beethoven was the original rock star ..

The orchestra has a pretty full schedule and we encourage you to check out the official website at I and the near capacity crowd give this show 4 stars .. We will be back !